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   Thursday, October 29, 2009  

Today has been a rough day. Our 9 year old Siamese cat had to have some dental work - a tooth fell out over the weekend, today the vet had to remove ALL of his teeth and in the process apparently broke and wired his jaw.

The lowercase has been particularly clingy and very whiny - you know the day where the 3 year old starts crying if you go into the bathroom or if you turn Elmo on 2 minutes after it's started and he can't see ALL of it.

So while he was whining and driving me nuts, I looked at him and asked if we could just toss him out with the recycling or perhaps take him back to the store for a new less whiny version.

He looked me in the eye and, in all seriousness, said, "Mommy, you can't take me back. There's no store to take me back to. I'm a gift from God."

So as I giggle and hug him and tell him he's right, it gets better.

"And, Mommy, we don't have a spaceship. I'm pretty sure we need a spaceship to get to heaven because it isn't on Earth."

So help me if this kid is a budding Scientologist... No more Tom Cruise movies for him!

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  Comments about my post, "":
I cannot wait to meet the lowercase. He and Kaelyn are going to be TROUBLE!
Lol! That is priceless!
I've used that threat...only I usually phrase it as wanting to trade them in for the same make and model with a better attitude. The lowercase sounds like a smart cookie.


I can't stop giggling. I wish that I had more than that, but today? That just isn't going to happen.

This is the funniest thing that I've seen in... Ok, it's just the funniest thing that I think I've ever seen.

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  Comments about my post, "":
WOW and YAY and so looking forward to following this journey with both of you!
Here from LFCA! Congrats!!

   Wednesday, October 21, 2009  


I can't believe that it has been so long, but this past weekend was my 10 year college reunion at homecoming. Mr. W was away on business and my college roommate was unable to attend having recently had surgery. So, despite the fact that I was visiting my parents less than a mile from campus, I chose not to go. I wasn't sure who would be there, if I would remember them or if any of the people who attended would be people that I would want to spend any time with.

I'm actually happy with the decision as attendance was low, it was extremely cold, and, frankly, I just don't enjoy watching football. Instead, the day of the game and my class' reunion dinner, I spent time with my parents and grandparents - something that I am now and will always be happier for having done.

By mid-day Sunday, most of the alumni had left town. Some relatives from out of town came to visit for the afternoon and in the evening, we all made our way to my parents' restaurant for dinner.

As I looked out of the kitchen, I saw a friend that I hadn't known would be in town for homecoming, nor would I have expected that he would still be there. He and I ended up having an incredibly long conversation, one that thoroughly blew my mind. He was still in town because he wanted to attend chapel on Monday morning and to take some photographs of campus in the morning light.

He talked to me about how God is moving in his life, his relationship with Christ and what he feels he is being called to do. We discussed what it is to have a calling, to know what that is. And, remarkably, I realized something that I just can't believe hasn't been clear to me before now.

Since the lowercase was born, I've spent a lot of time volunteering with the March of Dimes. I've had my name on a list at our NICU to talk to parents whose children have been diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (a condition that I survived 32 years ago and that is still largely considered a death sentence and one that is commonly cause for a decision to terminate the pregnancy). I've reached out to friends and strangers who have had to deal with premature births on CDH diagnoses. I've stayed with friends in the hospital during their births, praying the entire time they were in the operating room, sat with them as they waited to be allowed into the NICU and went in with them on their first trips in to see their children. I've spent hours e-mailing and talking on the phone with them.

And yet I've never, not even once, wanted to do any of it. I would have nightmares each time I visited the hospital. I relived every terrifying moment of my time in the NICU with the lowercase -- all the scares, all the middle of the night frantic trips across town to the hospital for just one more look at the frail little boy that I loved so much. In my dreams, sometimes the outcomes weren't what they had been in reality. I've cried each and every time that I've left the hospital parking garage, hung up the phone, or clicked send on an email.

But in all of that, I have not once had a choice as to whether or not I would answer that email, pick up the phone, or drive to the hospital (whether it was at 3am or 1pm). I did it because those parents needed me. I continue to do it because I know that it's something that I would have wanted myself nearly 4 years ago.

My talk with my friend made me realize that, for right now, this is what God is calling me to do. I'd always thought that a calling would involve something that would make me happy, something that I would enjoy doing. At the very least, I thought it would be something that didn't involve such emotional pain. I never expected it to be this way - to be so gut wrenching at times that Mr. W asks me why I put myself through it.

Yet each and every time I do one of these things, I am reminded of what a miracle each of these children is. I remember that my lowercase, who is so wonderfully, frustratingly three (for another week and a half!), has overcome so much in such a short time. And I vow each time to be the best mother to him that I can possibly be, to raise him well, and to prepare him for whatever it is that God has planned for his life.

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  Comments about my post, "Called":
here via the smart one's blog. Just wanted to wave and let you know how excited and hopeful I am for you and your family.

and reading this post just speaks volumes about the kind of amazing woman you are.
This is totally off topic from this post but thank you thank you thank you for issuing that challenge to Kym. I hope your match with her brings joy to both your lives.

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