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   Thursday, August 30, 2007  

Amusing? Or insane?

At what age is it appropriate to take a child to an amusement park? Specifically, the big one in Orlando? Is 2 too young? I'm considering booking a trip in the spring when the lowercase will be about 2 1/2...is this too young? Will he be able to enjoy anything or will it just be a big mess?

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  Comments about my post, "Amusing? Or insane?":
Maybe it depends on the kid? My niece went at that age and found it all very overwhelming--she preferred splashing around the pool in the hotel than visiting the park.
If you do be sure and take a trusted friend or teen to split the time with you or you and DH won't get a chance to do any adult things. Having done it and spent a lot of time in the dancing fountian and on the Merry go round etc I'd say if the plan is ot go with the little on in mind no problem if it's for you to have fun too... maybe wait a couple of years.
I so hear you. We've planned a trip for this coming December, when J will be 2 1/2 so we'll see how it goes. Of course, we are going well armed--grandma, aunt, and uncle are all coming with. After all, I figure we need a healthy ratio of adult arms to small fry bodies.

Good luck with your planning; I really think it depends on the kid, not their age but that's just my opinion.
Probably a bit late to respond, but we recently took the park with my 18 month-old daughter in June. The biggest problem was that it was very hard for her to take a nap in her stroller. We only did the Animal Kingdom, since she was clearly too small for rides yet, but I still think I will refrain until she's close to 4...

   Monday, August 27, 2007  

In an attempt to battle the train infatuation, we find ourselves exposing the lowercase to as many things as possible. This weekend, despite the cloudiness and the overall frigid temperatures of Lake Ontario, we took him to the beach.

Where he pointed out ducks -- "A fuck! A fuck! A fuck!"

He saw boats and associated those with our recent trip with Mr. W's family to the Adirondacks -- as each boat passed us, he said "A boat! Crap-pa! Boat!" (And yes, I do take great pleasure in the fact that my son calls his shitty grandparents "Crap-pa" and nothing since my mother-in-law STILL does not hug, touch, play with or in any way show him love -- unless there is nobody else to talk to in which case she does talk to him.) He also remembered that Mr. W's cousins were on the boats with us and started talking about them again.

Unfortunately, the clouds were all "a choo choo! a Thomaaaa!" Some sailboats also got this name. The bell on the playground equipment in the park behind the beach was a choochoo...some trucks pulling trailers to campsites were choochoos.

Still, the majority of the day was choochoo-free so that's positive, right?

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Hi - just found you through Soper...hope you don't mind me hopping in.

My mom tells a story about when she took my older sister for her first ride on a bus. "Mama, lookata fuck!" "Yes, sweetie. It's a big, red TRRRUCK" said loudly enough that others would know she's correcting the child!

   Wednesday, August 22, 2007  

The lowercase has discovered Thomas the Tank Engine. He simply adores that blue engine. The instant he wakes up each day, he politely informs me (by shouting at top volume) "I want choo choo!!!!" And he keeps reminding me until I turn on his small train set -- now with added track and a second engine (Emily, pronounced "AngLee" in our house) thanks to the Mr.'s obsession with model trains. After breakfast, I get another round of "I want choo choo! Oh no AngLee! A Thomaaaa! I want choo choo!" So during most of the day, to keep the screaming at bay, I've been playing a DVD of Thomas (we're on day 3 wheeeeeee!). He largely ignores it, though the opening and closing songs and one about determination make him stop, giggle, bounce and dance while chanting "Yooogik! Yooogik!" (He does love his yoogik and has even figured out how to make the alarm clock play music while I'm still sleeping. I just love this mobile, independent, non-crib, uncontained phase!) At bed time, we get another round of choochoo time. The child's obsession is so intense that he actually dreams about choo choos. I know because he now talks in his sleep. And, you guessed it...he says "Choochoo! I want choo choo! AngLee! A Thomaaa!"

It was cute the first day. But it's day 3 now. Wheeeeee!


In other news, I am insane. Completely. Mr. W still has no desire to discuss the possibility of another child in any way. So of course, this month I'm totally half convinced that I'm pregnant anyway. CD1 was July 31 (yes, that is what I got myself for my 30th birthday). On CD 13, I had spotting -- but I have NEVER had any kind of mid-month bleeding in my life except while pregnant. So then I wondered if the momentary lapse in judgement before grabbing a prophylactic mid-action about a week earlier had anything to do with it. Of course, that would have meant I would have ovulated the instant my period ended, but you know...I'm crazy. This is how my mind works. So now on CD23 I have ever so slightly sore boobs and have been feeling nauseated for days. Obviously, I must be pregnant. Except that logically it isn't even possible and I know that. And the nausea can be easily explained since Mr. W had to stay home from work today due to his having felt nauseated for several days as well.

All in all, I'm not posting much because there isn't much going on except for all the wonderful squishy goodness of my lowercase and too many vacations (3 since the end of July). And I feel that there is a limit to how often I can say that I want more children and my husband doesn't and how can I ever survive with this one perfect, beautiful, incredible child? (I know. I'm lucky, I should just be happy with what I've got, but when what you've got is so perfect, how could you not want more of it?)

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This may be totally unhelpful advice, but I look at having only one child as being similar to having only one spouce. My relationship with my husband is special because I have only one husband. My relationship with my child is special because I have only one child. I was trying to explain this to someone else, and I could tell that they didn't agree with me. Probably most mothers wouldn't agree with me.

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