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   Thursday, December 28, 2006  

What a whirlwind! The lowercase finally got over the virus, we rushed to finish shopping and wrapping and packing and planning and left for a week in the midwest. We attended 896823948759824593 family Christmas gatherings, we had portraits taken (I'm still trying to convince Mr. W to post the shot of the three of us) and we drove 10 hours straight through to get home late last night. In a couple of hours, the lowercase and I will be driving into the city to pick up my friend at the train station. She'll be staying with us until New Year's Eve. Should be fun.

I can't believe how much things have changed over the last year. When we moved in, our neighbors across the way were expecting a baby -- she was due in December 05 and the lowercase was expected in January 06. She carried full term -- I, obviously, did not. They moved and a new couple moved in. The new woman was pregnant and due on January 12, 07 -- exactly one year after my due date. I just looked out the window and I see an "It's a Boy!" banner taped to their door. A year ago, I would have been upset that she went so close to the full 40 when I didn't. A year before that, I would have been in a puddle of tears because it's so easy for some to conceive and carry a child. Unreal how quickly things can change. Those things now only bother me when I stop playing with my son and take the time to think about it.

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   Wednesday, December 13, 2006  

It is now day 9837592873589745329 of the illness that would not go away. (Actually, I think it's day 10 but who's counting? Oh. Right. Me.)

This is the second week in a row that we can't go to gymboree. I'm losing my mind. Yesterday afternoon we realized I hadn't left the house except for two doctors visits and one drive during naptime over the weekend when I just couldn't stand the house anymore. So..we were brave. The little one hadn't had a messy diaper for four hours, so we went to a Japanese restaurant for a little sushi. Interestingly, the lowercase wanted (and ate) some seaweed salad and tofu with teriyaki sauce. He was eyeing my sushi quite a bit so I got brave and gave him a tiny piece of a tuna roll. He loved it and ate two full adult pieces (ripped up into manageable little baby bites). He kept it in -- no more diapers all night. And for the first time in days I didn't wake up as I cuddled with him from the smell of his diaper. Of course, as soon as I took him to his daddy so I could get ready for the day, the boy had a blowout. And then another after breakfast (which for two days now has been an entire container of banana yogurt and a 4 oz container of applesauce mixed with organic baby oatmeal flakes).

I'm frustrated because we are looking to buy a house (finally!) and of course the only restored victorian in our price range and in the town we'd like to live in had it's open house over the weekend. I'm now terrified that it will sell before we get the chance to make an appointment to see it.

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   Monday, December 11, 2006  

Still sick. Weight is now down to 19 lbs 2 oz. That's a 5 ounce loss since Saturday. Overall I'm not sure what that equates to -- he wouldn't stay on the baby scale for his 12 month checkup and was weighed on an adult scale -- then he weighed 19.6 lbs. No idea how many ounces that is, but I'm guessing he's lost a good half a pound. Not good since he was only in the 10th percentile for weight at his 12 month.

Am sick of yellow watery diapers. Am sick of the smell. Am sick of being in the house. Am sick of having to hold my poor, pitiful son as he cries and doesn't understand why he feels so bad. Am sick of seeing him lose weight. Am sick of being powerless to stop this.

They did some cultures at the doctor today and we'll know if it's something other than just a virus in 1-3 days. And now another diaper calls -- always good to have that happen the same time the microwave beeps to let you know your lunch is ready.

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Awww. Poor little guy. I hope it goes away before you even hear back about the cultures.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Maybe it's rotavirus? My son had that, or at least that's what we concluded without testing. He had diarrhea and occasional vomiting for 9 days. He too lost weight. The doc said to make sure he was continually drinking. It is very difficult to deal with all the diapers and the smell, especially when you yourself are not feeling so hot.
I hope you get answers and more importantly that he feels better asap.

   Sunday, December 10, 2006  

Bring out yer dead!

The W household has been stricken by a rather nasty stomach virus. I blame myself for not using the shopping cart cover at Target. I blame my son for chewing the edge of the shopping cart at Target. I blame his not-yet-emerged molars for making him need to chew something. But mostly I blame the shopping cart for being unclean.

Both Mr. W and myself have had the virus -- and all I can say is that pepto bismol? Not a really good solution to the queasiness of a stomach virus. Also? Those baby wipes for adults things? A godsend when the virus hits.

We are both feeling better. The lowercase, however, has been sick since Monday. We are on day 7 of the illness. The doctor said yesterday that he's still alright -- no need for a trip to the hospital for an IV or anything. If he's still sick Monday or Tuesday of this week THEN he'll start doing samples and cultures and damn I do not look forward to COLLECTING those samples.

Insider trading tip: Buy stock in Pampers -- we're buying both the diapers and the wipes by the truckload right now. Profits are sure to soar.

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"I'm not dead yet!"

Sorry to hear about the illness invading your family. Even if lowercase is sick today/tomorrow, he should be fine as long as he's keeping down fluids and peeing. I hope it's moot point, though, and that everyone is well again.
T had it a couple of weeks ago. I washed my hands every couple of minutes and sanitized the whole house once he was feeling better. So far Azure and I have avoided getting it.

I hope all the little man is feeling better soon.

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