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   Saturday, August 14, 2004  

Back in the saddle again

So yesterday was a crazy day! My husband's grandma (81) had her hip replaced yesterday. She fell and broke it just before July 4, they put in a pin, and instead of continuing to heal, the pin started to come out. So, new hip. Which also explains why I didn't post about the results from my doctors' appointments after Blogger ate the first one.

The first appointment was with genetics. Because my father-in-law's side of the family are Jewish, my husband had to be tested for all the Jewish panel disorders. Thankfully, he had a completely normal male karyotype and is not a carrier of any of those diseases. Then we moved on to me. I have a normal female karyotype (this may be the only time in my life someone calls me normal, so I'm flaunting this as much as possible!). I do not have any of the clotting disorders she tested for, however I am a carrier for one. I want to say it was MTHFR, but I just can't remember. From past experience with this geneticist's office, they will likely send me a copy of the results in the mail. They have already photocopied all of their results and given them to my OB.

The second appointment, about 30 minutes later, was a consultation with Dr. P. (As an aside, the All-Knowing Receptionist Goddess does, in fact, exist and goes by the name of Jodi.) All of Dr. P's tests came back clear (except for carrying one clotting disorder -- turns out some of the tests were ordered by both doctors). He then turned the conversation to determining where we go from here.

He first offered me a sonohystergram and endometrial biopsy, but said that he felt that if I had significant uterine problems, they would have noticed something in the multiple transvaginal ultrasounds (I swear to you, for MONTHS, Walter the ultrasound tech and his lovewand were getting more play from me than my husband) and the two D&Cs performed by Dr. S (he's head of obstetrics at the hospital for obstetrics in the area) would have shown something. So he really feels that it is unlikely that I would have anything serious.

Since the choice was up to me and since I know from reading many blogs and talking to a friend of mine who is also TTC (and failing miserably due to male-factor IF), that these two tests are quite painful. My husband wouldn't say whether he wanted me to have them done or not and so, I made what could prove to be a bad decision. Right now, I don't want them. I'm just not ready for more pain in that area and further delays in trying again.

Dr. P. told me he felt it was a wise decision. So, he put me on Prometrium, 100 mg twice a day, from ovulation until I bleed. He then said something that caused quite a problem for me.

He said, "I think you need to just hop right back on the horse and ride it again."

After it came out of his mouth, he realized how bad it sounded and immediately busied himself shuffling papers in my file. My husband became entranced with the pattern of the Persian rug on the floor. And I, ever the grown-up, covered my mouth and giggled like a 12-year-old.

Once the decision had been made that we were going to try again and I had been written a prescription, we made our plan. If I become pregnant and miscarry a third time, I am going to have the biopsy and the sonohystergram. I will also immediately be referred to an RE. And this time, genetic testing of the fetal tissue will be done.

In the car on the way home, my husband and I decided where we think we will draw the line, should we come to it. We have decided that if I do need to see an RE, we will cycle with him through at least one pregnancy. If it is unsuccessful, then we are out of the game. We've already discussed adoption, have paperwork from two agencies, know what country we think we'd like to adopt from...

In short, for someone like me who always wants to know what is coming next, who has to at least have some sense of control over things, well, this is as good as it gets.

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