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   Sunday, August 08, 2004  

Down and out on the East coast

A friend just IM'd me. She said, "Hey, what's that website that tells you what your best days are to try for a boy or a girl?" I told her. Now, this friend is epileptic and has been married 2 years. Her husband has not wanted to even talk baby. But in March, she started seeing a slew of neurologists to change medications to one that had a less likely chance of causing developmental problems for her children. She's never said that this has completed and that things were "safe." Now, mind you, this friend? Is extremely annoying. I love her, but I love her in small doses. She knows all of the problems that I have had. And she says to me tonight, all happy, "Yeah, we get to start trying in NINE days, but who's counting??? Yay!!!!"

Yeah, as I sit here in the midst of tests, waiting on genetics results, getting more blood drawn on Monday, and having no clue when my doctor is going to allow me to try again. And so I ask you, what wine goes with a pound of macaroni and cheese?

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