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   Saturday, August 28, 2004  

Scenes from a car window

While in the car with my husband today, we happened to pull beside a car driving rather erratically. And I, in my usual fashion, just had to look inside. I can honestly say that what I saw was among the more fascinating things I've seen someone do while driving.

Ladies and gentleman, she was rolling a joint. Which of course requires using both hands, and apparently also full concentration. Now as if it isn't bad enough (seriously, roll 'em at home kids!), we were within FEET of the New York State Troopers barracks!

Eventually, she turned her head, saw me and angrily sped off. She obviously did not like my laughing and finger pointing.

But then, I realized that it was all ok. She could drive badly and roll her doobie, for she had a Christian fish and an "I Love Jesus" bumpersticker. Clearly, the Lord will offer enough protection that she need not worry about paying attention to what she is doing.

UPDATE: Is it just me, or does the Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling match between the US and Korea totally look like gay foreplay?

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  Comments about my post, "Scenes from a car window":
Interesting thing to be doing whilst driving. Wonder if getting myself a Jesus fish sticker would help in the whole getting knocked up game?

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