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   Thursday, September 09, 2004  

Trying this AGAIN

For the bajillionth time, blogger has decided to eat my posts. Every day since, well, the day after my last post, I have tried to no avail.

The quick update: Made it through my EDD yesterday. Was extremely sad. Did not stay at work all day.

Also, today is cd 25. Starting yesterday? Slight brown spotting/cervical mucus. Also? Extremely sore boobs and intense nausea. I also, uncharacteristically ate, oh, about 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of potato salad. At once. I couldn't stop myself. Was so sick after that. I don't know. I had imagined I was pregnant again, but we've only been trying for one month. Still, I feel so bad. All the damn time, for DAYS. Like since Sunday. But no temperature, nothing to indicate I'm actually sick. But with the spotting now, a few days before my period, I'm assuming that I am. I'm sure it is too late to be implantation bleeding. Besides, I wouldn't be feeling sick like this before implantation. So, I guess I really am sick. It just won't go away.

Alright, this is a crappy post, but if blogger is just going to eat it? I'm totally not attempting to make this worthwhile. Sorry. Can't waste my time like that.

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  Comments about my post, "Trying this AGAIN":
I thought I had the flu too, for all thats worth, until my husband shoved the HPT into my hand yesterday. Fingers crossed, that your period won't start, and that icky spotting goes far far away.

I HOPE you're not just getting sick. When do you think you'll test? Girl, with all those symptoms, I know I'd have already cracked.

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