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   Saturday, October 09, 2004  

Big fat...Nothing?!?!

Today is cd 30. I am 10 dpo. I realize that 10 dpo is a bit early to test. But I've just been so tired this week. And I've had such indigestion/acid reflux. But no sore boobs. No actual nausea (just the acidy hell). Some slight cramping here and there.

So last night my darling husband asked me to test. I pulled out a leftover EPT and waited. And waited. And waited. And nothing appeared. No result line. No control line. I looked at the wrapper. Expiration date: 10/2004. Yes folks, I wasted my precious urine on an EXPIRED test! And when they say it expires in October 2004, they mean it! Don't expect anything from one of those!

This morning, I tested again using a Clear Blue Easy that came free with my OPKs this month. It never seemed to finish testing. Maybe I should have been more awake or had to pee less. It actually LEAKED when I picked it up to look. Went out for the day thinking that it had looked like it was going to start to maybe be positive. Poked my boobs every chance I got (folks, I poked them in IKEA, in Coach, in Burberry, in Neiman Marcus...) and still they weren't tender to the touch (though they have the occasional achy feeling).

When I got home, there was a very faint plus in the now dry test. VERY faint. I don't know that this means anything because of course it's been more than 12 hours since I tested. But I did buy some First Response Early on my way home.

Here's hoping that I hold true to part of my pattern--a positive on the 2nd month of trying. Of course, while that has happened both times previously, I am kind of hoping that that is as close to my previous pattern as I get. I can do without the whole miscarriage part this time, thank you very much.

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  Comments about my post, "Big fat...Nothing?!?!":
Crossing my fingers for you, really am :) The acidy stomach thing was my first clue that something was up when I got my BFP and it started around the same time as you. I didn't really get sore boobs either (I read somewhere that if you've been pregnant before -- chemicals thank you and/or have larger boobs, that the body doesn't make as a big a deal over it the second time around because it remembers being pregnant -- now if only my body would remember long enough to make a baby and keep it in there 9 months). Crossing my fingers for you.

Here's hoping for a positive for you, with no miscarriage this time. I'm rooting for you, like you rooted for me. :) I know how you feel, easily knocked up, not so easy staying that way.

Like I told someone else, you'll be fine, especially if you get that BFP, for the next soooo many weeks.

Neurotic and

Take care!!!


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