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   Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

Update time!

Yesterday morning, Dr. P called me at 9:07 (his office opens at 9!) with the results of the bloodwork from Friday. My progesterone is soaring to over 200. I'm hoping this means that I can stop with the Prometrium someday. Or not. Because I am not bleeding and not bleeding is a good thing (though [and this IS disgusting, so Aaron, don't read it!] I have a huge amount of cervical mucus. It's like my vagina is blowing it's nose into my panties NONSTOP. And frequently, said mucus has a light tan tint to it. Hoping that doesn't mean anything). My HCG has risen to over 6,300! If I could read my writing I would know exactly, but it was either 6,345 or 6,385. Much more than doubling. More like doubling and a half and then a little bit more. I'll take it.

And then Dr. P made me fall in love with him all over again. He said, "I don't think you need to have a blood draw today. Instead, lets take a break. Let's do an ultrasound Thursday and then come see me after. I'm not in the main office Thursday, so your appointments will be in different towns, is that ok?" Letting me see my baby right away? Getting me the answers that I crave? Making this all a little more real, for better or for worse? Fuck yeah it's ok!

Unfortunately, the only u/s appointment available was at the exact same time as the only appointment available with Dr. P. So his nurse scheduled my ultrasound for Wednesday afternoon and my appointment with Dr. P for Thursday morning. According to my O date, I should be at exactly 6 weeks when I have my ultrasound. I might see a heartbeat. I might not, but I won't be scared if I don't. Note how I tell that particular lie so easily. I'll flip out. But I can guarantee you that Dr. P will know it if I'm scared and order another one to calm me down. He's good like that. Of course, the fact that he is personally invested and views my safe pregnancy culminating in the birth of a child as his personal mission doesn't hurt.

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  Comments about my post, "Update time!":
I read it.

"My vagina is blowing it's nose into my panties." I can't say I ever imagined I'd read those words in that sequence. However, now having seen that sentence in all its glory, I've decided to use that name for my first album.

Seeing as how I don't have a band, the RIAA doesn't have anything to worry about anytime soon.


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