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   Monday, November 15, 2004  

Is it Friday yet?

It's been a long week already, and it's only Monday night.

My brother's doctor is NOT IN until Wednesday. The office REFUSED to give him the results of his cat scan. He drove in and got in an argument with the receptionist until the office manager pulled his file to tell him the results. The real fun? There was NO RECORD of his cat scan in the file! So, they're calling the hospital it was done at to find out what happened with the results. My brother is supposed to talk to a different doctor in the practice tomorrow morning. He told them he doesn't care about all the details, he can wait until Wednesday for those, but he feels like he has a right to know if he does or does not have an aneurysm. Wow. I can not fathom this level of incompetence. My poor, poor brother. Already stressed out and now to have to deal with this. I mean, I thought this particular brand of half-assed medical care was reserved for the recurrent miscarriers and the infertile!

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Editor's Note: Before you ask, this is NOT my brother's regular doctor, or even his usual practice. His regular doctor was on vacation last week and the doctor's covering could not work him in. So, he went to the practice that had delivered their son (imagine, to be able to give birth without using a high-risk OB!). I doubt he'll be going there again any time soon once he's gotten his referrals to specialists should that be necessary.

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