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   Monday, January 03, 2005  

Perinatologist's report

I met with Dr. G today to discuss the results of the placental pathology done in the beginning of December. I held so much hope for that.

Basically--it showed no cause for any of it (though the first appeared to be a chromosomal abnormality).

This is somewhat good, knowing that there isn't an additional problem. At the time I was counting on this to be the only problem. Then I had that blasted HSG.

I told Dr. G what the HSG looked like. She said that in her experience, it is highly unlikely that a blockage that severe is a result of scar tissue after only 3 D&Cs. She feels that we're most likely looking at a septate uterus (with a complete septum between the two horns) or (most likely) a unicornuate uterus (and yes, in the car afterward, I did tell my husband I was pretty sure she said a unicorn ate my uterus because I am just that kind of dumbass). We have to wait on the results of the MRI to know for sure, though it may not be definitive and she reccomends a 3D ultrasound, or if I can't get one then laporoscopy. She also highly reccomends I contact an RE who deals with structural abnormalities of the uterus and gestational surrogacy because if the unicorn did eat my uterus, it's just not large enough and I will miscarry repeatedly and am at a significantly higher risk for second trimester fetal death.

Good things to hear. You can imagine my mood. And my husband, of course, says that since it's going to cost a lot of money for either surrogacy or adoption that there are other things he would much rather do and why not just wait a few years. We're still young (he'll be 29 in May, I'll be 28 in July). Of course, having fallen so deeply in love with my first 3 children within the few short weeks I carried each of them, I don't want to keep waiting. It's just not an option. Am really starting to think my husband and I may need to see a counselor together. Because I can't keep crying. I just can't do it.

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  Comments about my post, "Perinatologist's report":
I lurk on your blog and I just read that you may have a uterine abnormality. I was recently diagnosed with a septate uterus and had surgery to remove the septum. I had an incorrect diagnosis of bicornuate uterus from my ob/gyn and one RE who told me just have a drink and get pregnant - what a moron! I went to a large teaching hospital and had an RE diagnose me as SU.

I think you should find an RE who has performed lap/hys surgery which is the gold standard for diagnosis. I had the lap/hys because I wanted to find out what was wrong with my uterus before TTC. I did not want to go through the heartbreak of another miscarriage.

If you want to email me, I would be more than happy to chat with you.

Take care - Chana
Oh dear. This is hard. Damn unicorn. I'm thinking of you and hoping you find a way ahead.
I was wondering if ANY one has one also (bicornuate uterus), I found out when i was a freshmen in high school, I had a son and had problems carring him went in pre. labor at 5 months but ended up carring him to 8 months, well i am 27 now and my period is REAL bad and heavy and VERY painful, also MOOD SWINGS BAD, my sex drive is up and down but sex can be very painful. I am looking for help, answers, anything, my periods go on for 5-10 days stop for 2-4 back on again for 3-7 and they are heavy, my PNMS is so bad its like my head spins, and thats not me, my sex can be very painful and some times just not pleasing. I am so tired of always being on my period, bad mood, low sex drive,painful sex, and I guess I cant have another child cuz we have tried, and NOTHING, I mean before my husband went to Iraq in August we tryed for months and nothing and now he is home for a few months before he has to go back and we have been trying and NOTHING. If ANYONE has the same problems with sex,periods or trying to have there 2nd child pleas help me!!!!

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