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   Thursday, February 10, 2005  


Alright, this is it. We're counting down rather quickly to my visit to the RE. I seriously need help. I mentioned before that I don't know what to ask; sure I gave some ideas of the types of questions that I think I should ask. But, um, I'm a dumbass.

I need a list people. A list! Perhaps a bulleted list...arranged by topic...in order of importance! I may be admitting to you the depths of my anality. I need to feel like I'm an active participant in all of this. The only way to do this is to have something written down in my hand. Or I'll never remember to ask. I'll get intimidated and decide that maybe some of my questions are stupid and I won't ask them. And then get in the car and curse myself for not finding out.

Give me some specifics that I can ask about. I know I should ask things about the lab (but what?) and about statistics and a host of other things. All the questions that you asked that were useful in your decisions on how to proceed, questions you wish you had asked, anything at all. Don't let me go into this without a list to use as a tiny life preserver in this uncharted territory! Please!

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Aiyeeeee, I would ask about their pregnancy rates and live birth rates for your age group, how many cycles they do in a typical year, how they coordinate GS cycles (e.g. what medications they use to suppress the GS and get her lining ready), what is their perspective on GS versus metroplastic surgery, what kind of IVF cycle they do (Lupron, MDL, or Antagon), if they would be willing to NOT do a Lupron cycle, and, um, um ... other stuff!

Aiyeeeee, good luck!!

- getupgrrl
Wow, good luck, good luck! I always forget to ask about the process, and then get frustrated b/c I don't know what's happening next. Maybe ask what tests you (and your GS, if you go that direction) would need, if any, before you begin; and how soon you could start.

Maybe also ask how many people with your particular issue they've seen, and how they've proceeded. Wow -- big step -- I'm hoping everything goes well!
Do they do ultrasound guided transfers? My clinic doesnt and I wonder how they know where the embryos go.

Also, how many pateints have they treated with your condition. Their stat may look good for your age bracket, but for all we know they could be OI cycles.

Good luck

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