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   Monday, February 28, 2005  

Incoherent ramblings from my sick bed

I sit here typing from the middle of a pile of kleenex. My husband managed to get a horrible cold on Thursday of last week. I thought I'd escaped it until I woke up this morning. This is going to be even more disjointed than usual.


Last night I saw Lisa Loeb in concert. In. Credible. Hard to believe it's been 11 years since I first heard her. Still love her. Jess Klein opened for her. Hadn't heard of her before; she mostly plays dive bars in the NYC area. She completely blew me away. She released her cd 3 weeks ago and announced at the end of her set that she had only a few with her. So as she was walking off stage, I made my husband run out to buy it. And get it signed. So happy. Bought the Lisa Loeb Underdog EP--limited edition of 1000 pressed; mine is number 743 (I think...it's upstairs and I'm lazy). Also bought her newest cd, The Way it Really Is. Had already bought all the songs on iTunes, but it's rather hard to have mp3s autographed.

The concert was at The Egg in Albany; a considerable drive from where I live, but I didn't care. So worth it. And the sound there? Awesome. Really great acoustics. And so...intimate. Just, wow.


Over the past week, I've been going in for morning monitoring to try to schedule my endometrial biopsy for 10dpo. On Friday of last week, we drew the blood, sent me in for the ultrasound. Ultrasound looked great; follicle on the left ovary ready to pop, lining looking good, the nurse told me to expect a call from the scheduling nurse in the afternoon. Instead when she called me, she told me that my hormone levels did not indicate ovulation.

They wanted me to drive back to Connecticut this morning, to arrive at 7 am, for bloodwork. No ultrasound; just bloodwork. So I asked if I could get it done up here. I arranged through Quest to go to the ONLY lab that does same day levels for IF monitoring. To say the phlebotimist was CLUELESS is an understatement. I explained before starting that I had very small veins, that my veins roll and move around when poked. Yet she uses the regular needle, sticks and digs me repeatedly. Finally deciding that she should use her smallest needle and take the vein that was bulging in my hand rather than dig through my arm and wrist to find one. Bitch. She even had the nerve to say to me, "You should make sure to tell people drawing your blood to use the small needle; and warn them that your veins move." Yeah. Even though I had told her all of that not five minutes before. I suppose that we can blame her forgetting that on the perils of the pregnant brain. Seriously -- who's brilliant idea is it to have a pregnant woman draw the blood of infertiles??? Fuckers.


Today's levels: Estrogen, 242; LH 35. Yes folks, we have ovulation! And it's about damn time. Biopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9. Am very nervous about this.

The scariest thing though is that it may not actually happen. My first pregnancy measured 2 weeks smaller than LMP; OB assumed that I ovulated late that month. Second pregnancy I was using OPKs and knew I ovulated a week late. Third pregnancy, again with the OPK and another late ovulation. Today is cd21 and I'm just now ovulating...again...a full week late. Yet my cycles are still 28-30 days long. Now, if today is cd21, the biopsy will fall on cd30. There is a very good chance that my period could start before they can do the test...and they have to do it 10dpo. I'm extremely nervous about this.


My husband was asked to apply for a promotion in Western New York. His interview is this Thursday and Friday. He's been informed that he should bring me with him so that we can explore housing, cultural opportunities, shopping, etc. Just hoping that I'm less sick by the time we leave Thursday morning.

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  Comments about my post, "Incoherent ramblings from my sick bed":
Feel better! I had that same cold last week and I went through a box of kleenex in no time.

Thinking of you and hope your tests go well.

So thats what happened to Lisa Loeb? I only know one song "You say..you only hear what you want to.." and then nothing. Such a pretty song. I am happy you had such a good time at her session. I only like seeing musicians in closed intimate sessions now. Last musician I saw in a big venue was Chris Isaak and he looked like a little black speck on hte stage I was that far away.
Hope you kick that cold's ass and soon! And I hope that things work out for the biopsy cycle-wise. Pleaes keep us posted.
How are you feeling? You haven't posted in a while.

Well, it's almost time for your biopsy. Are you still going to be able to do it, or did you get AF?

Take care, and I hope everything is ok.

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