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   Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

Introducing Dr. Thorough

Today was my first appointment with an RE. I went in expecting to have a full pelvic exam, breast exam, several cultures, and a few intimate moments with the dildocam. The nurse explained the procedure to me in great detail over the phone yesterday. She even mentioned the possibility of scheduling time for my husband in the porn room for some quality time with his right hand.

Instead, we were led to an office where we sat across from Dr. Thorough. He had gone through my file. He said that he was impressed I had had most of the blood work done -- had been tested for the immunological issues, the clotting disorders, the translocations; my husband had also been karyotyped, gone through the Jewish panel disorder tests (he is of Jewish ancestry; I am Mid-Western white bread). All of our tests came back negative; normal on all counts. He said that he was somewhat puzzled. He examined my HSG films in front of me and the bottom sort of fell out of what I thought would be my plan.

He declared my ute fit. Abnormal, yes. Smaller than a "normal" uterus? Certainly. But of a size that could easily expand and contain a 30+ week fetus. So he's in a quandary. I test normal for most disorders that would cause miscarriages in the first trimester past the point of heartbeat detection. I have a uterus that should be able to sustain my baby until it reaches viability. So, since he is Dr. Thorough, he wants more tests. A lot more blood and an endometrial biopsy before we can make an informed plan.

My tests will include several extremely rare issues having to do with killer cells (and why is it that I picture a fertility clinic version of the blob when he says this???) and some test called "CD56." But there again he's puzzled. He feels certain that if I test positive for any of these things that my babies would die before 5 weeks...but I consistently carry to the 7-10 week range. So, for this month, we test in a flurry not seen since finals week 1998.

Monday I return to Dr. Thorough's clinic for ultrasounds to see exactly how close I am to ovulation so we can schedule that biopsy. If it's not close enough, I get to have another ride on the dildocam Wednesday...and if it still isn't, guess where I'll be Friday.

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  Comments about my post, "Introducing Dr. Thorough":
Hmmmmm . . . So, surprisingly, Dr. Thorough leaves me feeling strangely hopeful. Of course, that could change at any time, but so far, so good. Wishing you the best.

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