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   Tuesday, March 08, 2005  

Things I did in the last 24 hours

  • Last night I took a friend home from grad school after convincing her that the "funny gas like pains" that were coming and going were actually contractions. She came to class having just found out she was 50% effaced. And yet she questioned whether the odd feelings meant anything. When one of them had her doubled over? I forced her to gather her things and took her home.
  • I panicked at work NON-STOP about getting my period when my biopsy is tomorrow. (For the record? No period yet)
  • I had an anxiety attack when my husband told me that he got the job in Western New York--and that his start date is March 28 or 29.
  • I had to dig through the snow to open the hatch on my beetle for the snow brush/scraper that I put in my trunk yesterday when it was FIFTY degrees.
  • I spent an hour clearing the rest of the snow and ice from my car.
  • I realized my right hand was more than just a little cold.
  • I got home and watched the fingers on that hand swell so rapidly I seriously thought they would rupture. (And I still don't have full feeling in them. Yes, I think I actually got frostbite THROUGH MY GLOVES on that hand. Only a few small pin-sized spots have strange looking skin now.
  • I worried incessantly about my husband as his commute home took over 5 hours; lots of stops due to ice, then he became one of six cars to get a flat tire hitting the same iced-over pot hole -- which he changed himself despite my begging him to call AAA.
  • I ate sushi for dinner and immediately became violently ill -- my call on this? Nerves. Too much change for me to deal with right now. I'll post something real when I can think again.

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