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   Thursday, May 12, 2005  

The appointment

I had to leave work at 10:30 am to make it to my 11:15 am appointment.

I went in, undressed and wrapped in the paper blanket.

I waited. And waited.

Dr. M came in and said "An ultrasound will do no good...it's still too early."

She asked about the consistency and color quality of the blood; I described it.

She said, "A pelvic exam really won't tell us anything either. Sometimes this just happens. Your hcg doubled from Monday to Wednesday, so that's really our best indicator of this pregnancy, and it looks good."

And then? She patted my foot and submitted this gem to me: "My girlfriend had 2 miscarriages and her third one, with no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever so she was sure it was over, it was just fine. Now she has a son."

She's on my list of people to hate. Makes me take TWO hours off work for an appointment that could have been accomplished on the damn phone!

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  Comments about my post, "The appointment":
What a beeotch! I am sorry that the appointment wasn't more helpful and I can't believe that she said that to you! Do they have your results from Wednesday's beta yet?
aarrgh, I hate the way people think they are being supportive and helpful when they say shit like that.
You know what I would've done with my foot...

A total assvice drive-by. I'm sorry, sweetie. Keep us posted and I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Holy farking crap! I haven't checked in with you for a bit and I seemed to have missed a lot! First off - Congratulations!! Second, I'm sorry for the spotting and the wasteful apointment. My thoughts are with you to get through this as uncomplicated as possible.

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