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   Monday, May 23, 2005  

Beta vets...is this OK????

I just spoke with Dr. P. My beta on Wednesday was 19,572. My beta on Friday was ~30,000. This is *not* double. Dr. P assured me that it doesn't double in 48 hours forever and that really all he was looking for was a 65% increase at this point. My progesterone was, as he said, "kick ass" at 129. He really feels that these numbers look like a viable pregnancy and sees no reason for me to have more blood work before I see him again June 1. Now, that's a hell of a long way off. Of course, if I need to call him again between now and then, he'll do whatever is necessary.

I'm just really, really scared. Is it really ok that I didn't even come close to doubling???? Google told me it was. IVFer.com says that my doubling time with HCG greater than 6,000 is >96 hours. According to their calculator, my doubling time for those two draws was 77 hours. I'm trying to trust what I'm reading and what Dr. P said but...I'm just so nervous and June 1 is a long time to wait before my next ultrasound and appointment. Please...regale me with tales of when YOUR betas stopped doubling in 48 hours and how everything turned out great because it is supposed to happen and I am not only normal but having a stellar pregnancy going on here.

(Just realized I'm a bit...dense. My appointment with the maternal-fetal medicine dept. at the hospital here is on Friday of this week, so even though I don't know them, I might be able to talk them into *something*...a scan...a blood draw...something to prove my baby is still there!)

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  Comments about my post, "Beta vets...is this OK????":
I don't know what to tell you.. They didn't do that stuff "back in my day". All I can say is I'm pulling like hell for you and your baby to be just fine......Keep us posted...
It looks pretty good. Check out www.betabase.info if you want to see whats experienced by everyone else.
My doc didn't even send me for a beta this go around! I'm useless for info, but got everything crossed for you that all is well!
Hey! Just wanted to make sure you were hanging in there! I have no words of wisdom on the beta numbers for you... sorry. Hope everything goes well on Friday! Congrats on (almost) finishing your masters!
They stopped doing betas on me after I had an ultrasound. The doctor(s) told me that at a certain point, the hCG level just isn't relative.

Hope the maternal-fetal folks give you a reassuring ultrasound.

~Brooklyn Girl

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