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   Tuesday, May 17, 2005  

The blogger who cried wolf...and found out something weird

Just back from my OB appointment.

I swore my levels were going to have dropped yesterday because symptoms felt less. Apparently either they're just coming and going of their own accord or I've gotten used to them. My hcg went from 3,023 on Friday and Monday was 9,800.

Then I had a pelvic exam...prepare for the weirdness. I have a polyp...no...a cyst...no, a polyp...and the consensus of the doctors and nurses with their heads up my hooha? A cervical cyst.

The cyst is the source of the blood. Ultrasound confirmed that there is no blood near my EXACTLY RIGHT FOR DATES gestational sac and yolk sac! I do not have to have any more blood draws for a while because my veins look so bad with the track marks and the bruising. I have an appointment with my OB on June 1 to look at the cyst again and have another ultrasound. Hoping and praying that things keep going like they have been! Also hoping the cyst goes the fuck away. My doctors are hesitant to cut into it to do a biopsy and certainly don't want to remove it just yet. Their fear is that it will bleed considerably, that it could become infected, or that cutting something there right now could weaken my cervix. NOT what we want. So...we wait, and watch and pray with all we have in us that this does not hurt the baby. (Also, tell my mom AND Mr. W to SHUT UP since both of them said, "Is there any chance it's cancerous? What are the risks of leaving it there?)

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  Comments about my post, "The blogger who cried wolf...and found out something weird":
Dear Cyst - Go the FUCK away and leave Miss W. alone. She does not need the grief you have been giving her!

So glad that your levels are rising and that you have found the source of the bleeding.
Ditto what "P"said...Pulling for your damn cyst to vanish...As a Mom I understand why your mom and hubby asked, but also know why you don't want to hear it....Try to relax..
That's fantastic news! Even as scary as it sounds. I've had the Cervical "C" and I've never heard of it manifesting itself in cysts. Still, not cutting it and weakening your cervix is a good plan. What a pleasant surprise you had for us today!

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