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   Friday, May 13, 2005  

Here it is, Friday night. I'm exhausted. Finally starting to feel some symptoms...maybe. My boobs are really sore. Then again, I do have two siamese cats who run across my body all night long.

I'm still having the staining issue. Much less frequent now, but still in the pink/red category. Hoping it goes away. Monday I'll get today's beta and progesterone level. Not sure if I posted Wednesday's beta -- was something like 1229, so almost double but not a full 48 hours apart as I went earlier in the day Wednesday. I'm also really looking forward to my first ultrasound. Hopefully it will be Tuesday when I see Dr. P. If not, I'm sure he'll schedule one as soon as he feels we'll have a good chance of seeing something. The latest he's ever suggested I have one was 7 weeks. This just really has to be ok.

A friend of mine today suggested that perhaps this child is like it's mother. In which case she feels that I should bribe the kid now. Her suggestion is that I buy the baby a gift a week (she also thought that once the child develops eyes, I should wave the gift under my vagina so the kid can see it -- she's one sick bitch!). We talked about it and decided that if I go that route, I should determine what I think the baby looks like at each stage of development and buy a stuffed animal that looks like it. At 5 weeks, I think it looks like a shrimp. Have you any idea how hard it is to find a shrimp stuffed animal??? Six weeks would be easier since she and I agree the baby then looks like a manatee. She also reccomends gifts that are shiny since I tend to like those.

Only one problem...I'm too scared to actually keep buying things yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.

When I'm alone, I find myself with my hand on my belly, talking to my baby.

"Listen, and yes, I know you're just an embryo and don't have ears yet, but um...maybe we can have some sort of chemical connection where you know what I'm saying and don't give me that crap about you not having a brain just yet. Listen to me. Your mommy loves you and really just wants you to stick around inside there. Not forever. Just long enough so you can come out and meet your daddy who really really wants to play with you. We love you...so please...just stay with us, ok?"

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I hope he or she is listening; I could never turn down an invitation like that. I mean, you'll be providing food and housing, no big deal, but also taking care of literally everything else as well. Pretty sweet.
Hang in there...Every eventless day is a good thing...
Heh heh, your friend is funny.

I like shiny too :)

Hang in there, sending lots of prayers your way for an uneventful 9 month journey.

Keep up the good gestating.

Thinking of you!

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