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   Friday, May 06, 2005  

What the fuck is going on here???

So...there was no more spotting. And then? I loaded the car and as I was carrying the laundry bag I thought, "this is really heavy." I go back upstairs, go to the bathroom and SPOT!!!!! Go to Starbucks, do some work, spotting is slowing down. Go home, go to bathroom, spotting stopped. Load cats into car, start the drive. But I called my doctors office to speak to the nurse.

Me: Um...Dr. P put me on Clomid this month. I ovulated somewhere around cd17 or a day or so after by OPK. I had some red spotting early this week, which stopped then turned brown, then carried something heavy to the car and started spotting a little bit but I don't feel like I'm getting my period and I don't feel like I'm pregnant at all but it's now cd31 and *CATS STOP HOWLING!!!!* and I'm just not sure what's going on here.

Her (thinking): Shut up you psycho bitch and take a damn test already!
Her (speaking): The red spotting early this week would be right on target for implantation from those dates, or it could be nothing. The brown spotting is old blood, possibly remnants of last month or from the implantation bleed. Today? Well, please DO NOT LIFT OR CARRY ANYTHING until we've confirmed you are not pregnant, ok? Take an HPT tomorrow morning first thing. Call us on Monday regardless; either it will be positive and we'll need to know, negative but without a period on cd34 which we'll need to know, or negative with your period and it will be time to start another round of Clomid. So...relax, do nothing, and call us Monday.

Me: Ok...I'm just...I've just never taken Clomid and didn't know if this normally happens.

Her: Just take the test and call on Monday.

So...Clomid Veterans: Is this normal? Or is my uterus out to get me as I suspect?

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