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   Monday, June 20, 2005  

holy fuck...not again!!! (WITH UPDATES)

blood pouring out of my body. no pain. don't know what is going on. emergency call to new doctor; don't know where at new hospital anything is, have to have directions where to go when i get there. might post...oh fuck, i don't know when i'll ever post again. to do it i'd have to see my fucking ultrasound pictures. and now i'm crying...been so tough this last half hour or so...damn it.

The hospital took for fucking ever. Seriously. They were supposed to immediately page the on-duty OB/GYN from the ER. We told them that and they said "not until you're checked over by one of the emergency doctors. So, Mr. W quietly went outside and called the answering service again, telling them what room in the ER I was being taken to. Finally, around midnight the OB/GYN on duty came in; a resident who does not work for my doctor's practice but does work with them when they have clinic hours in the hospital and may be getting a rotation over at their private clinic. Of course, that leaves out the drama before.

They wheeled me in past rooms with, no shit, police guards. Apparently there was trouble in Gangland last night. Had me wondering exactly where it is I've moved to -- the hospital I went to for my 3 previous pregnancies never had that (then again, they refused anyone without insurance since they were less than 10 blocks from a "charity" hospital). When I got into the room, it took forever for a nurse to come in. When one finally did, she had to put an IV line in -- not sure how it happened, but blood poured from my vein making a large puddle on the floor, coating my hand and even now after repeatedly washing my hands it is caked beneath my fingernails. They asked for a "clean" urine sample -- a bit hard to do what with all the bleeding. I did the best I could and then they never took it -- turns out they just wanted to do a urine pregnancy test, but seriously? Not necessary, so they did nothing. They were going to put in a saline drip, but the two nurses were both too short to reach the bag hook and wouldn't let Mr. W (who is 6'4) hang it. They never did end up connecting it.

The ER doc came in, did an ultrasound. Baby still moving and looking good, heart rate of 171. When the OB/GYN on duty came in, she did a pelvic exam. By then the worst of the bleeding was over. Pelvic exam told us that the cervix was closed and she felt like the bleeding was not coming from inside the uterus based on that exam. She wasn't totally sure. She did another ultrasound, again using the crappy ancient ER machine (seriously, I've seen more high-tech looking water coolers than that thing).

What she saw has me scared shitless. The baby still looked good, still moving, still with an appropriate heart beat. But she asked me if my ultrasound Monday morning said anything about my placenta. She said she thinks it looks like I *might* have placenta previa and that if what she's seeing was in fact my placenta, then it also looked like there *might* be a blood clot beneath the placenta near my cervix. Of course, she also said that the machine was crappy and what she was seeing might not be the placenta and could just actually be my cervix.

So...yeah. I don't have a damn clue. I'm on strict bed rest for the rest of the week, allowed out of my bed only to go to the bathroom, get more water, or go to the doctor's office. I already spoke to their office and they want to see me tomorrow so that I can get some rest and so they won't be too invasive in a situation that's already delicate. I also have an appointment for an ultrasound and exam on Monday when they might let me off bed rest allowing me to attend the last week of my classes.

And that is all I know.

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  Comments about my post, "holy fuck...not again!!! (WITH UPDATES)":
We're with you, hoping and wishing. Please let us know.
Oh nooo!! I am thinking of you and hoping is all turns out okay.
I read your first post right before bed last night and was devastated for you; I'm a little relieved this morning but still hoping and praying that nothing gets worse. Hopefully the machine was just crappy; your placenta is fine; and your cervical cyst just decided to put on a random show for you??

Crossed fingers.

Please keep us updated. We're all holding our breath along with you.
Thank the powers that be--if the good wishes of strangers mean anything to the universe--you've got them.
Oh Sweetie, how scary!. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.
What incredible stress! I hope everything is going to be all right. Praying....
Damn, damn, damn!!! I am thinking about you.
DAMN... Please keep us posted and you've got all the good wishes I can muster up right now.....Good luck
Good lord. Like you need more stress, right? I'm so sorry. Keep us posted. You're in my prayers.
Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

Oh God. What a nightmare. I will check back soon - but stay in bed!

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