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   Sunday, June 26, 2005  

The one where I just ramble about nothing at all.

Not much to post about when you spend your days laying in bed. The big excitement over the last week? Yesterday, after having read everything in the house (including the labels of all the canned goods in the pantry), Mr. W drove me to Borders where I was given 15 minutes to walk around and find books to get me through the week. I ended up buying only 3; a Grisham I somehow never read, a Jonathan Kellerman novel (I can't help it...I'm addicted to Alex Delaware!), and Knitting for Dummies. I figure this way, when it's Tuesday and I've finished the novels, at least I have something to frustrate me for the rest of the week. I read part of it yesterday and managed to amuse myself by my utter lack of ability to "cast on" even with their detailed diagrams and simple to follow instructions. I felt so much better when I got to the end of that section and the book informed me "Now you're knitting!" I didn't realize the product of knitting would look so much like...well, like my cat had been playing with a ball of yarn, leaving it a tangled frayed ball of knots.

Some things that I have discovered in this time: My boobs have grown to monstrous proportions. I don't think my Victoria's Secret 34C bras are going to see much more use. Except that I have no idea about the whole new bras thing. Do I just get new ones like usual? Walk into Victoria's Secret (ok, I'm not allowed in the mall...log in to victoriassecret.com) and buy a new size? And if I do that...how long will it fit? Is there such a thing as a maternity bra? Something that might fit me a couple months instead of a couple weeks?

And what about underwear? Some of mine are now starting to dig in leaving those horrible visible panty lines seen only when there's too much body and not enough fabric. But is 11 weeks too small for maternity underwear? Isn't that stuff made for the monster belly that I do not yet have?

Of course, surrounding those questions is so much fear that I'm unable to look at any maternity clothes sites. I'm afraid that something has/will happen to my baby and if that's going to happen, why on earth would I want to have maternity things delivered to my home? Of course, this means that I'm waiting until at least Monday to do anything (my next ultrasound is at 10am; doctor at 10:30).

Now, I know the fear is irrational...sort of. Things have continued looking good even with the incident of a week ago. Wednesday things looked amazing. But, here's what gets me. I have had no symptoms whatsoever...until Thursday night. We ordered pizza for dinner and I had such acid reflux I could cry; took forever to get to sleep and I swore several times that I was about to vomit. Friday I was stupid; I ate leftover pizza for lunch and had acid reflux all afternoon. It finally went away right before dinner...which was nothing spicy at all and resulted in...acid reflux. Saturday Mr. W made omelettes, hashbrowns and vegetarian sausages (I don't eat most meats; only fish and occasionally chicken or turkey). And more acid reflux. Lunch was a salad at Applebees on the way home from Borders, leading to intense acid reflux. Sandwiches and potato salad for dinner -- acid reflux. Breakfast this morning, slight acid reflux (hard to get acid reflux from Life cereal, but I managed to do it!). Is that even normal? To have acid reflux from everything? At only 11 weeks? Or is that some sign of impending doom?

And now? I'm hungry...time for more acid reflux.

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  Comments about my post, "The one where I just ramble about nothing at all.":
Heartburn & reflux was one of my only symptoms. And you're nearing the end of the first trimester, so it's not unusual for other symptoms to disappear. As for underwear and bras... I just kept buying the next size up when I grew out of them. I never bought maternity undies. Just kept buying bigger bikini style. ;) I went up 2 cup sizes all total. I might have gone up another if I hadn't delivered a month early.
I love the Old Navy Maternity underwear. They are lightweight cotton bikini's that ride under your belly, and amazingly stay put in the back. I started wearing them at 11 weeks, and maternity pants (elasitc waist, not panel) at 12. It was just much more comfortable.
I'm partial, myself, to the Motherhood old lady brief maternity drawers. They're comfy and have lasted me throughout my entire pregnancy.

As for the reflux, I had it from 8 weeks until...well...I still go it!

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