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   Friday, July 22, 2005  

I'm too lazy for titles!

Much too lazy for titles today. Much too lazy to type anything other than the quickest of updates.

Cervix check was good -- they did not give me the measurements, but I think they were all between 35 and 38 mm. I've heard that everything over 25 or 30 mm is good, so I'm going to call that good. There was some blood in the cervix. There is no blood in the uterus. It is assumed that, since I've had some tiny amounts of brown blood (flecks really) in the mucus, this is actually some of the blood leftover from the rather large bleed on June 20. It is not something that anyone is concerned about, so I am not going to be concerned. After all, if nothing bad has happened, then there is no cause for alarm.

Baby looked really good, but was not cooperative enough to let us know if we have a boy or a girl. The kid wouldn't stay still long enough or straighten his/her little legs out. Also, I am only 15 weeks 1 day, so you know...a bit early to easily tell anyway. We'll look again next week.

The tech said it all looked really good, but then the doctor had to talk to me. It turns out that while the brain development looks good, as do the heart, lungs and diaphragm, my little one appears to have only one kidney. They started to go through the whole schpiel about what this potentially means, how it's inconclusive because the kidney could be lower in the pelvis and thus hard to see at this point, yada yada yada... Until I interrupted and said "Heart's good? Fully functional? Brain too? Lungs properly developed? The kidney that you can see appears to be appropriately developed and fully functional?" The answer to all was "Yes, it's all normal." And so I said, "I will be 28 years old at the end of next week. I have had one kidney since birth and the worst complication I've had is excessive urination if I take in too much citric acid. I am not in the slightest bit concerned about one kidney. The child doesn't seem to have any of my other more life-threatening issues, so...this one to me is akin to you saying, 'but the child has a mole on its face.' Don't care."

Others of you might panic about the one kidney thing, but having been born with only one myself, it's just not an issue (As an aside, my doctor's office does 80-100 ultrasounds each day averaging around 500/week. Of these, at least 1 baby each week is minus a kidney on ultrasound).

And now? I totally have to go check for updates on Grrl and the wee Gefilte.

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  Comments about my post, "I'm too lazy for titles!":
I've come to notice that one kidney is not at all a big deal, as my son has only one, too. :) The doctor even said he could play football if he wants to :)

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