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   Monday, August 08, 2005  

Don't you just LOVE typos in your file?

Isn't that the most fun ever? You call your perinatologist's office to ask some questions and the nurse practitioner informs you that your cervix measured 2.1 cm at your last scan, which she thinks was July 31. And you inform her that no, July 31 is your birthday and that this year it was a Sunday and therefore you were not seen in the office that day? And that, the doctor you spoke to said the cervix was 2.6, not 2.1? And then the confused NP says she'll go talk to the doctor and call you right back?

And when she does she says, "Yep, it was 2.6. The 2.1 was a typo. The doctor re-read the ultrasound pictures to be sure. So, we'll see you on Friday."

And you ask repeatedly if maybe that's too long to wait. And then you start crying. And then when you ask how short would the cervix be before it was too short because you are so afraid that the window of opportunity for cerclage will pass and be missed and you will lose your baby, the NP says, "Well, we like to have at least a couple of centimeters of cervix to work with for that." And then? Then she says, "But we can't do a cerclage until 14 weeks at the very earliest. * long pause * How far are you now?" So you tell her that you're 17 1/2 weeks and will reach 18 weeks on Thursday. And then she says, "Oh. So then we could do a cerclage some time in the next week or so if we needed to. Well. We'll see you on Friday morning then." And then you're so dumbfounded that you very meekly say, "OK," and hang up.

Don't you just love that?

(As an update, I did call back and said that I felt the NP was equally confused because of a typo in my file and that I did not feel that any of my questions had been answered and could one of the doctor's please return my call. The head of maternal-fetal medicine is on today and as soon as she is out of labor and delivery is going to return my call. I have made a list of questions that I want answers to and will hopefully feel a bit better after I speak with her.)

(ACTUAL UPDATE: I spoke to the doctor. I fell apart while asking my questions, crying like a fool. She scheduled an ultrasound for 2:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon to help reassure me. She also told me that the 2.6 is the shortest measurement from Friday and that it had ranged all the way up to 3.4 cm. Her biggest concern would be that if it continued to shorten and if that is the case, we'll be talking cerclage by the end of the week. She also says that she feels fairly confident that I am going to carry to a delivery when a child can actually survive! I am feeling much better about this!)

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  Comments about my post, "Don't you just LOVE typos in your file?":
Good for you for calling back and getting some real answers. Really glad to hear you are getting in tomorrow for that u/s.

Crossing fingers and toes and all other crossables that you get some good news which continues to grow into more good news.
I'm so glad that you got to speak to the doctor (how's that for service?). Finally, someone who gave you some answers, and correct ones at that.

I love the good news she gave you too...a doctor's confidence can go a long way toward helping a mom-to-be's confidence (at least it did for me).

Looking forward to finding out about tomorrow's u/s and appt. Hang in there my friend. :-)
Oh yes...just a typo..nothing to worry about...see you friday...no the dr is not available now....whats your worry...blah blah blah.

Jes' do they have any idea what a minor fuck up like that can do to an already nervous pregnant woman. All that wasted energy.

I am glad things aren't all doom and gloom right now, but I am really impressed that you didn't go down and thump somone.

Looking forward to tomorrows report.

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