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   Saturday, August 13, 2005  

Never send a man to do a woman's job!

Thanks to the wonderful Kath, it has come to my attention that my darling Mr. W should have had further instruction in preparing yesterday's post.

I told him he should handle the post ultrasound post as I was planning to take a morning nap after the exertion of being up and about for 90 minutes. (Shut up -- I've been in bed for over a week. Going to the doctor's office is now a major test of endurance!).

He did not mention the cervical measurements. The shortest measurement came in at 2.09 (well, 2.0something) cm. However, the doctor discounted that one, because as he saw it, the sonographer made a mistake. He looked at the marker she made at the vaginal end of the cervix and said that he felt it ended...here and not there. In short, it looked to him like she stopped measuring about 3/4 of the way to the end. The longest measurement was around 2.8-2.9 cm (somewhere between actually) and the shortest accurate measurement was 2.4something, which, again, he would round to 2.5 cm. Essentially, no change since Tuesday's measurements which were only minimally changed, in his mind, from those taken on Friday of last week. He feels that the bed rest is working and that I need to continue with that for another week. My next scheduled ultrasound is the big anatomy scan (with bonus cervical measurements!) on Friday. Of course, if anything changes on my side, I'm to call immediately for a rush appointment; also, if I get all emotional and crazy again, I can also come in mid-week for another scan.

Friday is also my next appointment with the doctors -- the first blood pressure and weight gain check in a month.

I'm starting to feel confident that I can make it to next week. And for me, that's huge. Also, for some reason, I am convinced that if I can get to 19 weeks (next week) before having to have a cerclage, that it will actually work and my son will stay in until at least 26 weeks. It made me feel confident enough yesterday to actually look at bedding for the cradle and crib (used by my older brother and me in the 70s, my brother's son 3 years ago, and remarkably still meeting safety standards for width between the spindles!). I'm starting to feel a bit more positive about things.

Another cause for optimism. While my cervix is a bit open at the uterus side, it is not "true funneling." Just slightly not closed. And my peri isn't sure that it's a true or significant opening. He says that if it were, the amniotic sac, basically just a big ol' water balloon, would sag down through the opening. Mine is not doing that. It is staying neatly up in the uterus, even when the baby was kicking directly at the opening on the ultrasound! So....I'm going to just...think positively for now. Because so far, things really aren't that bad. I know that they could be, and I don't know what next week will bring, but so far, things seem stable, I am doing my part to help this out, and my boy is fine. And finally, I feel a bit of happiness!

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Whew! Finally some good news!
That's very good news. Hope the happiness continues to grow.

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