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   Tuesday, August 30, 2005  

Things I haven't told you (and it's NOT all about my cats, but a lot of it is)

There are a great many things that I haven't told you, Internet. Today I told Sherry some of this over IM, and I have decided that it's time I tell the rest of you.

I have two Siamese cats. They are a beautiful father and son duo. Upon meeting them for the first time, we didn't much care for the kitten. He was skittish. He didn't play with us and, in fact, made a great deal of effort to hide from us. However, he was the last kitten that the breeder had. We had driven several hours to look at this kitten. And he was beautiful. Perfect lines, perfect markings -- a gorgeous blue point Siamese. But he just didn't seem to like us. We blamed it on the gust of wind that blew the door shut on our entrance that had frightened him. And after meeting Wallace, the father who had been retired from his career as a CFA show cat (he only reached Champion status and wasn't showing evidence that he would Grand) we were in love -- he's shy with eveyrone else, but he was in love with us from the start. She gave him to us free (um...we paid $500 for his son who hated us).

After getting them home, we realized that Beaver, the little cat, was really the terror that he had shown himself to be. He finally, on Sept. 11, 2001 when we just couldn't take it anymore and were planning to take him back to the breeder that weekend, turned a corner. He isn't quite as loving as his daddy, but he began to blend in to our home.

After a few months, we began to notice that he would constantly chew the end of his tail. He does this to the point that his tail will literally drip saliva. We took him to the vet thinking he had some sort of skin problem and that he was dealing with the itch from that. But...no. He has a psychological disorder. It's a bit OCD, and we have to watch that it doesn't become self-mutilating (at which point he would be on kitty prozac or the like). He also chews wool sweaters. And anything that has touched my hair -- rubber bands are his favorite.

As a result, the cat ingests great quantities of my hair. Which cannot be digested and tend to come out in the litter box. Except frequently, some of the hair is still inside his body when he leaves, causing him to run around with a strand of hair hanging from his butt. And usually this has the cat poop still attached to it. Lots of fun.

All of that information is important as I tell you about my weekend. And what a weekend it was!

Friday night Scott had to work late. It was almost 11:30 pm before he got home. I had stayed up to wait for him and was asleep by midnight. Scott came to bed at 1:30. Now, I don't know what you know about Siamese...they are ACTIVE. They run a lot. They are also VERY VOCAL and have a distinctive voice -- people who call my house constantly think there is a baby crying when it's my boys talking to each other and to me. By 2 am, the cats were in rare form. They were chasing each other around the bedroom. They were yelling to each other. And when one needed a break, they would jump on my pillow -- their safe zone -- until the other would nip him and the chase was on.

I'm not sure if that is what woke me up, but it's likely. I woke up and had severe back pain. The cats were going crazy, and because I had woken during the deepest part of sleep, I was in that internal shaking phase where you feel sick all over and can't diagnose what's wrong. I went to the bathroom and thought that maybe the feeling would pass. The pain stayed and I kept feeling terrible. I started crying because immediately I thought it was the baby. I called the doctor who YELLED AT ME for not being specific enough (note the doctor on call was one from another practice covering for the ones from mine). I went to L&D and thankfully a last-year resident who is doing rounds at my peri's office, was there and took care of me. Of course it was nothing. At 4 am she sent us home.

I ate a snack and was back asleep by 4:30. Some time around 5, I was awake again. Beaver jumped on my pillowto curl up beside my head, something he loves to do (again, because of my hair and his need to smell it -- he does not do this to Mr. W). But there was a horrific smell. And it hit me. He's on my pillow with poop hanging out of his butt! And his tail is TOUCHING MY FOREHEAD! I screamed, grabbed the cat and threw him off the bed (please, no ASPCA calls -- animal poop on your pillow near your face? you'd do it too!). Mr. W woke up and I told him about the cat's problem. He had to calm the cat and coax him out of hiding to clean him up while I stripped the pillow cases off my side of the bed and went back to sleep on bare pillows.

All in all, a bad night. But the weekend wasn't over.

Saturday was great. Sunday was fine until 6:30. Scott's plating dinner and I went to pee...and saw pink...and some red...and some brown...but RED! PINK! in the cervical mucus. I called the doctor who told me to go in to L&D immediately. We get there, they examine me and nothing is wrong. It's just slight spotting caused by the exam that happened 30 hours before. It never occurred to me that could be the cause of it. Also, it was completely stopped by the time they examined me. So, at 9:30 we finally got home and ate dinner.

I have felt like a moron about this since coming home Sunday night and seriously considered not admitting to this. Until I realized how funny the whole damn situation was. I mean, who else thinks there's a problem with their baby because their cats have a fight? And seriously, how often do you follow that up with cat shit on your pillow right by your head? Aren't you jealous of my life now???

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  Comments about my post, "Things I haven't told you (and it's NOT all about my cats, but a lot of it is)":
Cats!! My parents cats are crazy like that, too, and they're just run of the mill alley cats! They chew up *anything* that has been on hair. I think wool and hair both have some kind of natural oil that attracts cats. (These cats also have the problem of undigested hair with poop sticking to the end...yuck! And they don't even appreciate it when we chase them around with a paper towel and attempt to remove said poop...)

Glad baby w is fine...21 weeks and counting, right?

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