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   Monday, September 12, 2005  

Another L&D story (aren't these fun?)

Friday mid-morning I had my weekly appointment. I saw a different sonographer than usual, so her technique was a bit different. For instance, when doing the vaginal exam she rolled a condom onto the probe, coated it in lubricant then rolled on another...without lubricant. Now, having been on pelvic rest for the duration of this pregnancy and based on the fact that Mr. W and I lived apart during the two week wait....lubricant is a necessity!

Friday night Mr. W and I were watching a movie while eating pizza. My back, I realized was extremely tight, feeling under quite serious pressure down in the hip/pelvic region. I tried everything to get the tight/pressure feeling to ease. I laid in different positions, I sat, I walked around the living room, I applied a warm heating pad, Mr. W tried to massage it away. Nothing worked. I went to the bathroom and there was a bit of pink in the cervical mucus, so I called my peris' after-hours number. The peri on call asked me to go to L&D immediately, which we did.

I was monitored for just over two hours for contractions -- there were none. The doctor did a speculum exam and all the swabs came back clear and the cervix looked fine, so they didn't do the digital exam to feel it.

All told, the decision came down to the pressure/tightness caused by 5 full weeks in bed. I was told to take a tylenol and get some sleep. By that point, after being in the uncomfortable triage bed, the back issues had shifted to a different part of my back. We got home around 2 am, I took my tylenol and slept such a deep wonderful sleep.

Things were clear all weekend and most of today. As of about 20 minutes ago there was quite a lot of brown mucus, but, you know, some pink on Friday, the vaginal ultrasound followed that night by the speculum exam? Not completely unexpected. Still, I don't like it and I fear going to the bathroom to see more of it.

My boy is very active right now and is kicking me in my (rather full) bladder. Just a few more weeks until he's strong enough for me to lighten up on my fears. Really hoping that I can lighten up. I desperately love and want this boy...I just want him to be healthy and safe, no matter what it takes.

Trying really hard to just stay calm and know it's all still ok. But if it's ok...why am I so scared?

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  Comments about my post, "Another L&D story (aren't these fun?)":
Really glad that things continue to be ok. I know it's so scary and you have been through so much. Wish it was easier and that time would pass faster for you. *more hugs*

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