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   Friday, September 09, 2005  

Second verse, same as the first

Or, more technically: 6th verse, same as the first.

Uterus measuring exactly right for dates, though it nearly reaches my ribs -- do you realize now how short my torso is??? I've mentioned being between 5' and 5'1" tall...with legs the length of someone about 5'5-5'7" tall. I am going to have a huge belly before it's all said and done!

Weight gain is still good as is the blood pressure (though the 130/70 was a bit high for where I am normally) with no cause for alarm.

The ultrasound showed my little w growing beautifully. We'll get weight/size estimates at next week's scan. The cervix is exactly where it has been with no changes whatsoever. We now enter week 6 in my bed.

On a (maybe) more fun but completely scary note, the nurse gave me the information today about childbirth classes and gave me the name of a good pediatrics practice. They told me to register for the childbirth classes and possibly breastfeeding and newborn care classes for October. Since all of those are sitting down classes, they think it's better that I go to them so that Mr. W and I can be prepared. But oh my! October! They really think I'll still be pregnant...and that I'll need to know about giving birth...because they think I will.

So...I'm going to call today and register and I'm going to try to take a nap and just not think about it after that. (But I will tell them when I register that I'm high risk and have been on bed rest and oh my god what if I don't make it??? And they will put a note in their file "potential mother is in-fucking-sane!!!!)

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  Comments about my post, "Second verse, same as the first":
You are always in my thoughts. I am wishing good wishes for you. And thinking happy October/November thoughts at you.
Hoping that you make it to every class. Yah on the good news about little w.

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