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   Wednesday, September 21, 2005  

Titles? We don't need no stinking titles!

While I am still not in a "good" place, I am reaching some new heights in this journey to motherhood.

This weekend, Mr. W and I picked out bedding for the crib. We didn't purchase it, but we decided what we want. We did, however, purchase bedding for the cradle and oh, the beauty! At some point I'll take pictures and post them.

We also began a registry...or rather two registries (Babies'R'Us and Baby Depot). We don't have everything on it yet but we are getting there. It was hard for me to do even that much.

Yesterday I had a startling revelation: My son will be born.

Now I know that that isn't such a shocking thing for most people, but for me, it really is. I can honestly say he will be born. I don't know what the outcome will be, but no matter what, I will deliver him one way or another. I just pray it's later rather than sooner. I reach 24 weeks tomorrow, so...we wait.

I'm really trying to just relax and be alright with things. It's hard, but I'm doing it. I'm not doing it well, but I am doing it to the best of my ability. Maybe I'll feel better about it in two weeks.


Now comes the hard part. I'm trying to prepare myself for the very real likelihood of a premature baby. I know it's almost a given and I am terrified of it. I need to find a pediatrician. I don't know how. What, exactly, are you supposed to ask when you interview potential pediatricians??? And how do you do it when you're still afraid there won't be an actual patient for that doctor?

What do I need to do in advance? When do I need to do things? If you had a premature baby, is there anything you wish you had been prepared for sooner? Is there anything that I should do?

I'm contemplating buying...I don't know what it's called....similar to the lovies that Tertia's children have. I found one in a catalog that reccomends that the mother sleep with it against her skin for a few days before giving it to the baby so that it retains the scent of the mother. Is that something that would be allowed in the isolette in the NICU? Is it a good idea? Or no? I have *no* clue, but I definitely want my son to know me and feel comforted during a really scary time. I just don't know.

Any advice any of you may have would be great. We're hoping to get into November before we have to worry about this, but frankly, we just don't know.

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  Comments about my post, "Titles? We don't need no stinking titles!":
The NICU my daughter was in had volunteers that made little quilted hearts for mommies to wear in their bras to get the smell on them and to leave in the isolette with the baby. We were even allowed to decorate the isolette with pictures and a few stuffed animals.

I let the neonatologists and nurses who tended to my daughter in the NICU recommend potential pediatricians.
I have no ideas about preemies but I am thinking of a quick drive down to the S on the weekend. Email me if you're up for a visit.
Ask your OB if he knows of good pediatricians, esp. those that are used to caring for preemies?

Things to ask a pediatrician: Do they have walk-in sick-baby hours? Do they have Saturday hours? Do they have privileges at a nearby hospital? Who's on call at night? What's their policy on antibiotics/vaccines/flu shots/whatever? How many doctors in the practice?

I rejected a pediatric practice because the pediatrician we interviewed with had to ask someone else for a watch. A watch! That's standard medical equipment. We're very pleased with the practice we chose.

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