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   Wednesday, September 28, 2005  

You've got questions, I've got answers

From my last post, it seems that most of you are curious as to exactly how one spends nearly 8 weeeks in bed. It's something that I've asked my self quite frequently, "What the hell am I going to do all day???"

I've read a lot of books recently, most of which are total fluff that I'm ashamed to admit I've read. The sad part is, in order to list them, I'd have to find them all. I have Mr. W put them in a stack in another room so that I don't find myself forgetting what I've read, getting excited about a "new book" and then having a tantrum when I realize I've read it. Books that I know I've read and loved recently are The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (I know, it's for teen girls, but I like to have read everything that could potentially end up in my classroom) and Little Altars Everywhere. I also read the other YaYa Sisterhood book (Divine Secrets I read a year or two ago) but can't remember the title off the top of my head. I read the newest Harry Potter as well. I'm going to read East of Eden next, but have read so much fluff that I'm taking a break from books for a bit. Besides, Mr. W was getting tired of trying to pick new books for me every two days. (And no, I'm not kidding. I sent him to Barnes & Noble that frequently)

As a rule I am an avid reader. Over the years I've had love affairs with the works of Anne Rice, Grisham, L.M. Montgomery and Laura Ingalls Wilder (I will re-read the Anne books and Little House books any day; In fact, a goal of mine is to bike across Prince Edward Island to see the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables). In college, I fell in love with Kafka and Dostoevsky. The summer after my sophomore year, I nannied on the Massachusetts coast and was the only person sitting on the beach every day reading The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment. Additionally, because I went to a Christian college, we were required to take four Bible/World religion courses. Basically, in it we contrasted different world views with each other and with Christianity to determine truth. During that time, I was the only one who didn't complain about reading several novels illustrating various world views. I loved reading Brave New World, The Stranger, Siddhartha, among others. In Lit classes, I actually loved reading The Baghavad Gita (even if I can't spell it!). In recent years, I've enjoyed the Left Behind series (about the Rapture and the prophecies of the book of Revelations), however I found the last book (Christ's final appearance to triumph over Satan and begin his reign) lacking. It seemed to me that the authors couldn't fully comprehend the prophecy in the same way they did for the rest of the books and were, therefore, unable to really give a picture of what that could be like.

I'd intended to watch a lot of movies and old series that I love and have on DVD. And this was going to be the time when I could watch all of the things that Mr. W never wants to watch. I have up to season 5 or 6 of Friends on DVD and would love to be watching my way through the series. I have several seasons of Sex & The City that I would re-watch (because somehow I'm offended by it being played on TBS and the WB). And one of my all-time favorite movies: Gone With the Wind. I got that for Christmas this past year, but Mr. W, who has never seen the movie, thinks it's horrible and will never watch it. His biggest complaint? It's just so long!

Now as to why I haven't watched them -- Mr. W doesn't remember where he put the box of DVDs when we moved them up here at the end of May when I moved up here full-time. It might be in his closet (we don't share a closet; I fill the walk-in closet in our bedroom, he's allowed the closet in the second bedroom which he will [knock on wood] share with the lowercase). It might be in the hall closet. It might be in the garage. I could watch some of the movies we had on VHS from college, but that box is under the bed and very heavy, so I'm not allowed to get it out myself.

I've spent a lot of time playing cards, coloring (yes, I am three, why do you ask?), doing crossword puzzles and the like. I tried to teach myself to knit, but had about 5 minutes worth of patience with that and when I couldn't figure out how to do that casting on thing...yeah, that was the end of that. Instead, I selected Christmas stockings for Mr. W and I and have been cross-stitching them. It's very tiny aida cloth and is extremely intense and time-consuming. I'm about 1/4 of the way through Mr. W's stocking and have yet to begin mine. (For those interested, this is the stocking I am making) Generally, we travel to my family for the holidays (in his family, only his mother and grandmother are not Jewish and as such Christmas is really not a big deal in their family. For us and for my family? HUGE) but this year will not be able to. As a result, I decided it would be nice for the two of us to have stockings at our house instead of just the ones my aunt made for us at my parents' house. The lowercase W still seemed so nebulous when I began this project that he doesn't have one. Likely we'll buy one for his first Christmas if it happens to be this year.

A lot of my time is spent curled up with my two Siamese cats. They are the most amazing cats. Wally and the Beaver are father and son (respectively) blue-point. Beaver is a little flighty and always has been, but we've grown to love that. Wally on the other hand is truly love-hungry and cuddly. Sadly, neither of these cats realize they are cats. We play fetch for hours. They come when called like dogs (finger snaps, the little kissy noise; none of that "here kitty kitty" around here!) and if we could find collars that weren't break-away cat collars to fit their necks, they'd happily walk on a leash. I may add a picture of them later when Mr. W is home as I never remember how exactly he told me to post them here.

In answer to the question about the extent of my bed rest, it has been loosened up a bit in the last week and a half. I'm allowed to be on my feet about 15 minutes at a time. I am allowed to sit at the table for meals and am even allowed to do so at a restaurant if that's all I do while out. I'm allowed to sit down at the book store if I follow the no more than 15 minutes standing time, but haven't yet done that. I am allowed to go to a movie if I don't stand in line for anything. Now, out of all that, I have yet to do more than sit on a chair at Babies'R'Us and Baby Depot while Mr. W brought me bedding to look at. I'm also required to start taking childbirth classes next Tuesday. With the addition of those every Tuesday night for 4 weeks, I'll be allowed out one other trip per week maximum. The rest of the time, the bed rest is pretty complete.

Tomorrow (or later tonight if I'm bored), I'll post an answer to Chris' question about secondary infertility, children at the RE's office and how my feelings have evolved throughout the course of the last two years.

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  Comments about my post, "You've got questions, I've got answers":
Yeah, nobody I know learned to cast on before they learned to knit. It seems you need to have someone cast on for you, then learn to knit on that piece. Then once you get hooked on knitting, you decide to buckle down and learn to cast on so you can actually start projects by yourself! LOL. Tough sequence when you're stuck at home by yourself, though.

(By the way, if you're into word and logic puzzles, I've killed many many hours with a Games magazine.)
It sounds like you've got a good thing going with the cross stitch, but I thought I'd let you and Kate know that my partner and I both taught ourselves to cast on and knit from the Klutz kit. It's meant for kids, but it has the best pictures and illustrations I've seen in any knitting book (and I'm a librarian so I've seen a lot!).

Definitely get Mr. W to find those DVDs and videos!!! Friends (we've now made our way from Seasons 1 to 9 over a couple of years and are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the release of 10 in November) has gotten us through all kinds of life & ttc stress.

I missed the questions part, so I'll throw in a couple. Do you plan to be a SAHM? What do you miss most about teaching? What was your favorite thing (subject, unit, whatever) to teach? Is Mr. W doing the cooking or are you mostly eating takeout/frozen?

Pick any or none to answer!

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