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   Friday, October 21, 2005  

Because what better title is there than FUCK!

Ok, so first the part that will pacify everyone and not make them worry. My son? He is beautiful. His little heart was beating away at 150 bpm. He is so damn cute. And obstinate. Let's start from the beginning with the un-fun stuff.

Arrive at doctors' office: 8:15.
Go back for GTT blood draw: 8:25.
Totally freak out first nurse who can't find a vein and doesn't think she's good at drawing from hands: 8:30.
Get new nurse who might try: 8:32.
New nurse decides to try hand: 8:35.
New nurse finally finds gloves: 8:37.
New nurse gets blood: 8:40.
New nurse realizes vein has blown and applies TIGHT bandage: 8:42 (after blood has been drawn).
Ultrasound begins: 8:45.
Ultrasound ends: 9:00.

(Interrupting timed list for details of my gloriously beautiful son. He is STILL breech! Sitting happily on his ass facing my back. But still with plenty of room and normal amounts of amniotic fluid. He is weighing in at 2 lbs 2 oz, putting him in the 24th percentile for weight. This is not unusual as babies in my family tend to be very small -- my nephew was almost 2 weeks late and weighed under 6 lbs! -- though we had been hoping he'd be large like Mr. W's faimly since he could come early. Still, is beautiful. Love him. LOVE!)

Pee in cup: 9:02.
Return to waiting room, called back for appointment: 9:08.
Blood pressure and weight check: 9:09.
Forced to lay down due to high blood pressure (140/90).

The resident came in to talk, everything looking good, but we'll take your blood pressure again before you leave. Blah blah, talk talk, answer questions. Nothing exciting there.

Resident leaves the room to confer with peri who is dealing with an emergency in another room.

After my blood pressure was taken again and found to be only slightly lower, they decided what had to be done. I needed more blood drawn to ensure I don't have pre-eclampsia. I haven't spilled any protein, but they want to make sure. Except after two nurses, only one usable vein was found and it had been blown. So, either Monday or Tuesday I have to go to the lab for that blood to be drawn. Will probably do it on Tuesday so that my veins can heal enough (it takes several days). I also have to collect my urine for 24 hours prior to going in for the draw so that can be tested as well (I have only one kidney, so we have to make sure it's fully functional with the stress of pregnancy). In the mean time? Stay in bed except for quick showers, bathroom, etc.

What we hope is that my blood pressure was up because of the anxiety I had all last night about today's appointment -- it was so bad that I couldn't fall asleep. In total I probably only had about 4 hours of actual sleep.

I also have to make an appointment with the anesthesiologists from the hospital where I'll deliver. Since I have severe scoliosis (along with my other health issues), they have to check me out to see exactly what they can do when it comes time. My next peri appointment is in two weeks, however it's going to be a very busy two weeks, what with the tests and the appointments and meeting the pediatrician on Oct. 31 and the start of childbirth classes on Nov. 3.

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  Comments about my post, "Because what better title is there than FUCK!":
I am so glad you had a good visit with the lowercase even if the rest of it sucked.
Will they schedule a C-section if he doesn't turn?
Keeping fingers crossed your blood pressure goes back down and your poor veins heal quickly.
2 whole pounds, wow! I think the blood pressure has to do with the vein blowing but I hope it's not pre-e! I think this upcoming week week will pass quickly!!
70 laurens is me, I wasn't paying attention.
Oh, boy. I am glad w is well & wonderful, but I am really sorry about the rest of it. :( Hugs to you.

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