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   Tuesday, October 25, 2005  

Doctor's report

I have bacterial vaginosis. The only symptom that I'm displaying is an increase in mucus-y discharge. Supposedly there is a smell associated with the discharge, especially after sex, but being that I haven't had sex since, oh, the day after ovulation 20-odd weeks ago....wouldn't notice that.

The infection (according to webmd) can lead to pre-term labor and uterine infection, so it is treated with a course of antibiotics. At least it's something we can take care of. I was sooo worried this morning.

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  Comments about my post, "Doctor's report":
But does this shit ever end? How does a vagina that never sees the light of day get an infection like that? Sorry if I'm being crass....
Glad everything is a-ok. Well, kinda. You know what I mean.
Almost to 29 weeks... :)
You're doing so well.
Oh, I've had that. Glad it's something relatively minor. It made me appreciate yeast, since the yeast and the bacteria keep eachoter in check, normally. Like, I think I treated a yeast infection that I didn't have, and ended up with BV for my trouble. Seven days of goop.
Yay for TREATABLE diagnoses! You are chaste and still end up with a funky crotch. That hardly seems fair!
Wishing you and the lower case well.
Jesus Christ people! I'm EATING here!
I'm glad that it turned out to be something relatively benign. I had BV during my first pregnancy and the antibiotics cleared it up *like that*! FWIW, BV is a very common thing to get while pg--whether you're having sex or not. SO happy to see that things are going well...

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