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   Thursday, October 27, 2005  

Holy hell the contractions!

I tried to post about this yesterday but I clicked "publish" at exactly the same time that our broadband connection hiccupped. Lost the whole damn post. But there's more to it tonight.

I am stupid. I am very very stupid. I, stupidly, assumed that the "stoach cramps" I was having were related to the antibiotic I'm on. I had read that it can cause stomach pain so that's what I passed it off as. It isn't really contractions. Big deal that they come about every 10-15 minutes. That doesn't prove anything. Besides, it's in my lower stomach and not like when my entire stomach gets hard with the painless Braxton Hicks I've had.

So I had these off and on all day. Each time there would be enough of them close together that I thought I should call the doctor, they went away. Proving my theory that it was nothing. Except they did not ever completely go away. They stopped for an hour, but came back. ALL. DAMN. DAY. Ten minutes apart for 40 minutes, none for an hour, 2 in the next hour, none for 20 minutes then every 15 minutes, then none for 45 minutes... you get the idea. No pattern. No changes in intensity from one to the next to speak of. Sure one might be really hard but the next one not so much.

Finally I decided at 9:00 that if my peris weren't the ones actually on call in the hospital it would be better to call the on-call pager early so that the doctor would be awake. At 9:00 I called. The doctor told me that it all sounds very normal for where I am and that it likely isn't causing my cervix to change. He felt that if I had more than six in an hour I should come in to labor and delivery and that if I got really worried I could come in without getting to that point but that he felt the best bet was to wait the night out. Keep track of the contractions, drink lots of water, stay in bed. I don't have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) so he wants me to call at 8:30 when the secretary gets in and schedule an appointment to get everything checked out.

I really want to make it another four weeks minimum (that gets me through the childbirth classes that start next week) but would prefer to go another five. But damn. If I'm going to contract like this the rest of the time? All day? With no pattern? And nothing making them stop (left side, right side, back, sitting, standing -- still there)? All I can say is HOLY HELL! And I know they only get worse when it's time to deliver. From someone who has never had menstrual cramp one in her life (you hate me, don't you?) this is already kicking my ass.

(And yes, I am a big whiny bitch. Sue me! I've been in bed for three months people...I think I have earned complaining rights. Also? The lowercase takes after his mother. He is kicking his complaints about these contractions, too!)

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  Comments about my post, "Holy hell the contractions!":
I am so sorry you're suffering, but I was on the edge of my chair the whole time I was reading, afraid you'd rushed to the hospital to find out you were in labor and that they'd had to stop it with drugs. Thank god that's not happening.

I do hope you don't have to endure contractions for weeks on end (but rather that you can just keep on keepin on for five or so more weeks WITHOUT the contrax).
You haven't posted since yesterday. Are you okay? Is the baby okay? I know you don't know me from Adam (who the hell is Adam anyway), but check in. Or email me at mabelsmuse at gmail dot com. I'm worried about you girl. (((Hugs))) and healthy mom and baby vibes coming your way.
Hoping everything turned out OK and the uterus went back into relax mode. Calm calm uterus.

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