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   Thursday, October 06, 2005  

I'm still alive!

Today marks the beginning of week 26. Things are still as they have been. I'm in bed. My boy is quite active. Things seem pretty good.

I have a list of questions prepared for my peri appointment tomorrow (including such things as holy fuck do my hips ever HURT and is there anything at all we can do about that??? And what about the acid reflux that WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY.).

I've had a few really rough days lately. Yesterday morning I fell apart because, get this, Mr. W turned off my laptop in the middle of the night because I accidentally put it under a blanket on the chair beside my bed and it was overheating -- the fan woke him. I seriously cried because "I'm doing the best I can and if it makes me happy to leave my laptop on at night so I don't have to type passwords and wait for it to start up in the mornings, can't I at least just have that??? I can't do anything else, and if this one thing makes me happy..."

Yeah. Mr. W is a saint for putting up with me. In fact, he now comes home from work, makes dinner for me and then as soon as we eat comes back to our bed with me where he does any work he may have using his laptop. He plays internet backgammon against me while he's working. He watches whatever it is that I want on television while in here. Then, if he has anything that requires the use of his desktop machine, he waits until I've fallen asleep for the night to leave the room and take care of it. Thank God for him. Most men would not be so kind.

Other news...I'm from Indiana. Obviously I no longer live there, but Mr. W and I share as our overall goal the dream of moving back there some day. I come from a very large close-knit family. Evidence: Our wedding was "immediate family (and close BFF type friends) only." After cutting quite a number of people from the guest list, I invited 200 people who were a part of what I consider "immediate family." They all live in Indiana. I spent yesterday outraged over the bill (I'd link, but you all know about it and if you don't, just go check it out at Julie's.)

I took my time to formulate what I wanted to say, woke up this morning and read The Star online (Indianapolis paper) and was thrilled to see it was dropped.

I emailed those on the committee anyway to let them know exactly why I (and my very large family and friends who reside and vote in Indiana) are opposed to the bill. Now, I didn't give examples of why I think all parts of the bill are wrong. I only included the portions that are pertinent to my life -- the section on gestational surrogacy. Because I can't be on bed rest like this and raise my son (assuming the best here and trying to be positive), I won't be pregnant again. It's been too hard and the cost (primarily emotional) has been too high. Our family will grow in the future through gestational surrogacy and/or international adoption. When (if?) we choose to begin a gestational surrogacy agreement, it would likely be with a close friend or family member as the carrier and that means that she would likely live in Indiana (Mr. W's family simply cannot be trusted. Seriously.). This bill will directly affect us.

If you haven't done so already, I urge you to let your voices be heard. Write to the members of the Indiana committee and let them know why they were wrong and how it would affect you. Write to your own state's legislators and let them know that you know about the bill that was dropped in Indiana and make sure that they understand that you do not want something similar in your own state.

And now? I'm off my soapbox for a bit and off to continue being all conservative and domestic as I work on my little cross-stitch project (from Hell -- seriously, who knew a Christmas stocking would take so long?).

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  Comments about my post, "I'm still alive!":
It rocks that so many of us wrote letters, emails and made phone calls. I got a response back right after my email went out with thanks for the story and a heartfelt good luck from some woman at the commission. As well she said that they were flooded by emails, calls and faxes yesterday and that none of them were in favor of the bill.

Democracy sometimes works.

Your hubby rocks as well! Go nice men. Continuing to root for you all.

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