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   Thursday, October 06, 2005  

Is that a cocker spaniel in your drain or are you just happy to see me?

I just got out of the shower. The water was not going down the drain. It had made it's way up past my ankles.

I got on my hands and knees to try to take the drain apart but apparently the drain on this shower is retarted and requires a screwdriver. Whatever. I made Mr. W do it.

We found perhaps the most vile thing ever. In the four months that I have lived in this apartment I have literally FILLED the drain with my hair. There was a wad of hair the size of a cocker spaniel puppy that we pulled out. I am not exaggerating one bit. If it weren't all slimy and moldy and disgusting I'd take a picture (please note my perverse pride at having caused a drain clog of such massive proportions). Also, I'd like the few readers I have to return after today and I know you wouldn't if you saw what I just showered with. I will say that there was so much and it went so far down the pipes and was wrapped around the trap so many times that it actually required pliers to help pull it out.

You want me for a houseguest now, don't you?

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  Comments about my post, "Is that a cocker spaniel in your drain or are you just happy to see me?":
Can I beg you to say it was head hair?
You can beg but...


My hair? On my head? So long that until I finally had it trimmed last weekend it reached the middle of my butt. It is now "short" reaching only to my waist. Pre-pregnancy I had massive quantities of hair (very fine texture, but a hellish amount of it -- it takes over an hour to blow dry there's so much. Updos take stylists LITERALLY an hour minimum; for me? Much longer.)

So um...not only can I clog a drain in just four months? In about 2-3 weeks? I can totally fuck up your vaccuum to the point that it requires you to take it apart and use scissors to cut the hair out of it! And if that isn't done in time? They've been known to um...have the motors catch fire and smoke pours from them.
you think you're alone in the clogging of the drain?? ha ha, NO.
Oh Sweetie, it is a running commentary from my husband about who sheds more, me or the dog. Hers are short and dark brown, mine are long and blonde. Hers we find in the peanut butter, on the floor and in huge tumbleweeds rolling across the floor. Mine we find, well, just about everywhere but worst of all is coming out the back end of the dog after she has licked the floor.
I am a regular drain-cleaner-outer myself since ours does not require the screwdriver. I have been there though, up to my ankles in the tub that won't drain.
We have one of those drains that looks like a colander (lots of small holes in a metal plate) instead of your usual big drain hole. It actually helps - except with the rate at which I shed (only EXACERBATED by pregnancy instead of slowed or stopped, which is what I *thought* was supposed to happen) I remove a nasty mat of hair once or twice a week. I still have to pour vinegar down the drain every couple of months, which helps without putting evil chemicals into the watershed.

I totally hear you on showering in ankle deep gross water. Eeew. Happens more often than I can stand.

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