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   Thursday, October 20, 2005  

Twenty-eight weeks!

I've made my next mini-goal. I have reached 28 weeks. According to my peri's office, survival rates at this point are 90% with a minimum of 70% of survivors being perfectly healthy with no issues whatsoever. I have read that as many as 90% of survivors are healthy, though some of those do have learning disabilities, speech delays, etc.

Mr. W and I find ourselves terrified of the appoointment tomorrow. A lot will happen.

At 7:30 am, I will be drinking the horrid lemon-lime drink for my glucose-tolerance test. My blood will be drawn at 8:30, immediately followed by an ultrasound. Our first view of the lowercase in nearly a month. I've missed seeing him. But we're terrified that something will be wrong. He'll be small. He'll still be breech. Something. I know that it's illogical, but it's hard not to think the worst, considering.

In other news...I hate Mr. W's job! Last night his work cell had a strange beeping song. Apparently that's the pager sound. Someone had paged the on-call emergency number for a problem that was NOT an emergency. He couldn't log in to some server or program or something...which was NOT required for any time-sensitive work being done. In cases like that there are clear instructions to simply fill out a trouble ticket and it will be handled the next business day. Then Mr. W had to find out why a member of his staff who was in the building at the time didn't respond causing it to forward to our house. Turns out that his employee DID try to respond but the bastard who paged? He said "Yeah, I heard my phone ringing but I was busy so I didn't get it." What the fuck? You page someone for help and then don't answer??? And when Mr. W called (from the bed beside me) I heard the phone ring AT LEAST 12 times before he finally answered! Asshole isn't going to be happy when he comes in to work today because Mr. W did not get enough sleep (he had to be at work before Dell got there today at 7:30...he left almost 2 hours earlier than normal) and he is PISSED that he had to be awake for over an hour in the middle of the night dealing with something that wasn't important to begin with. He's going to throw a fit with the manager of the man who paged him last night as well as passing the information on to his own vice-president, who will no doubt also throw a fit at the pager's manager. I just love it when things like that happen to people who interrupt my sleep. When you're in bed as much as I am, it's rather difficult to get a good night's sleep anyway, so any interruptions piss me off to no end.

Will post tomorrow with the results of my appointment. Am kind of hoping they'll have a better idea of how much space I have left for the lowercase to grow into and how much longer it will be before he makes his entrance. I'm also hoping they'll be able to tell how likely a c-section is going to be at this point.

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  Comments about my post, "Twenty-eight weeks!":
Congratulations on making it to 28 weeks. Wonderful!
Hope all is well at your appointment.
Congratulations on your milestone and good luck at your appointment. Wave "Hi" to the lowercase for me.
Hooray for 28 weeks! Good luck at the appointment. I've got my fingers crossed for only good news.
Yay for 28 weeks!!! I hope you have a wonderful appointment with the lowercase tomorrow.
I wish it was tomorrow already
Wow - 28 weeks. Congratulations on meeting this goal. I hope the appointment goes smoothly for you tomorrow.
28 weeks is great! Congrats and keep us posted. (((hugs)))

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