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   Saturday, November 05, 2005  

Calling all knitters/crocheters;/hat makers!

I need a bit of help here ladies. My son is tiny (allow myself to introduce...myself: Miss W, Mistress of the Obvious!). The little old ladies who volunteer at the hospital knit hats for all the NICU babies. Except they are all bigger than my son right now.

I went to Babies'r'Us and looked at their PITIFUL supply of preemie clothing. I bought two hats hoping *maybe* they would work. They will not. They define preemie as "0-7 lbs" What the fuck?

I bought two cotton/jersey ones and plan to wash them in the hopes that they will shrink up a little bit for him.

Whenever we take him out of the isolette to be held, he has to wear a hat. The one that fit well while he was on CPAP got damaged from the pins that were holding the tubes against his head. He's got a couple that look like they will fit in about 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, there is one knit hat that is rather cute, but he hates it. It might just be that he, like his parents, doesn't want to wear a hat. But it could also be because that hat was not made with the softest of yarn.

I know nothing about how to size a hat, but for those of you who make them, it shouldn't be a long project, I mean, he's not even 3 lbs yet (soon, I pray...so long as those feeds work) so I can't imagine a hat for him would be that many stitches.

If you are willing to take on a project like that, let me know and I can get whatever information you need -- I'll measure around his head if you need that. I'll send you all the shipping information. I'll pay you for your time and services. I just know that it's not something I know how to do and I seriously hate the manufacturers of clothing for preemies.

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  Comments about my post, "Calling all knitters/crocheters;/hat makers!":
I'd be glad to do it.....just finished a hat for my sister's baby boy who is on his way, so I have plenty of super soft blue and white variegated yarn.....email me with his head circumference and shipping info. Glad to help :)


yay! I love updates! I'll ask my mom if she can whip up a hat.
Me too! Me too! I would love to do something for him and for you -- and if you've already got more hats than you need, I'll send it so you can give it to the hospital for the next teeny guy.

Also, in the short term, if you roll up the edges of the too big hats from Toys R Us, does that work?
Would a baby doll's hat work? Maybe the local Target or Walmart has some baby doll clothes or hats. If you'd like to try one, I have several doll hats that go on my daughter's dolls. I could sent you one of the soft ones to try.

Whoops, try me at cwalkley@jokeaday.net
I knit and have given booties to everyone I know that had a baby recently. I will have a go with a hat and some shoes. Email me with his head circumference and postal address.
Glad you asked! I just taught my cousin's girl scout troop how to knit so they could make preemie hats for the local hospitals. I have the sample I made up sitting in my office. I would be happy to send it to you. Not exactly sure what size it is but it fits on my fist if that helps.
Send shipping info to bluetrunks at sbcglobal.net
I'd be happy to try I have soem awesomely soft yarn. Send me teh info and I'll send one!
Email me anytime I would love to make a few hats. I have tons of leftover yarn just waiting for a baby head. :)
Hi. I've been lurking here for awhile and I posted to my blog about hats for little W. I am wondering if you can give us a general size...(like an orange?) for the little guys head. Please leave a comment on my blog because my interent is down at home and I may not be able to check and forward it on to all those knitters and sewers I know....Thanks And what a cute guy!!

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