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   Monday, November 07, 2005  

One week

As of 4:12 am, my son is now one week old.

I can't believe it. It seems like he's been with me forever, yet no time at all. I can't remember how my life functioned or what purpose I served in the grand scheme of things before him. I told Mr. W that last night and he said, "Sure you remember. That's when our lives were lonely and empty only we were too stupid to realize it." When we did begin to realize it and started trying to start our family two years ago we were optimistic about everything. And then it all fell apart and I didn't know when, how, or if I would ever be able to do this. I only knew that I couldn't stop trying. I wanted to, but I couldn't.

From my vantage point now, I am thrilled that I didn't stop. I can't imagine my life without Timmy.

It's amazing the way things change so quickly.

Now for the updates. Timmy did really well with his 2 cc/3 hours feeds. For a while. He handled 3 feedings no problem. But we had to skip the 4th as his tummy just wasn't done digesting all of the third. He was fine for the next several, but then had another that didn't get finished digesting. At that point, the doctors decided they would switch him down to only 1 cc ever 3 hours to let him get used to it. They also had to adjust his nasal cannula back to 2 L of room air from the 1.5 L they had backed down to. To me, it makes sense. I couldn't believe it when they turned down his cannula and started him on way more feeds and larger quantities than they had told me they would the day before. It's strange because he's ready, but not completely. He's just right on the borderline.

During evening rounds last night, the decision was made to stop feeds overnight. He had digested all of his food, but had 2 cc of mucus/gastric juices in his stomach. He has the same problem his mommy does right now -- he's just not pooping regularly. So they put him back on glycerin shaves (tiny pieces of pediatric suppositories) every 12 hours to help him feel those sensations. He has gone on his own without them, but that was before the introduction of the milk. The thought is that if he has the shaves every 12 hours, it will teach him that sensation, help him to clear out the mucus/gastric juices, and allow him to digest better so that he can take more milk.

It's amazing how strong he is for such a little guy. I am so damned proud of him. He's been a fighter from the start. He took on my fucked up uterus and he WON! I just can't wait until I'm able to hold him whenever I want. The only times I'm truly happy during the day are the times when I'm holding him, taking his temperature, changing his diaper, feeling him close to me. I melt every time he looks at me. I have never seen a child so perfect and so beautiful. And as I look around Timmy's pod, I see how really good we have it. He's in such a better place than many of the other babies there. Today Timmy's gestational age would be 30 weeks 4 days; 7 days of NICU life down; 7 days closer to bringing him home.

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  Comments about my post, "One week":
He's such a trooper! I am so glad things are going well and you are getting to spend so much good time with him.

Can't wait to start knitting...
Both of my babies were premies (although definitely not as tiny as lowercase). I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and that if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to email me. I know how hard this is, and how helpless it can feel to watch everyone else capably taking care of your beautiful baby while you struggle with the basics. I know that it is exhausting, and highs and lows emotionally can really be hard to deal with. I LOVE the kangaroo hold and my little boy (who is now 8) was the most affectionate and loving child I have ever known - he still cuddles next to me constantly! I directly attribute that to the kangaroo holding, which I did for months after I had him home too. Basically, my number one advice to you is this - follow your instincts with that little guy - it might feel scarry and helpless but your instincts are always right. Insist on doing as much as you can for him. And take care of yourself!
-Diana (brandonsmom_02@yahoo.com)
He is so beautiful. I am overjoyed to hear how well he is doing and will head over to the yarn shop ASAP to get the softest of baby yarns for a tiny hat for him.

My best thoughts for a quick home-coming. Hugs and more hugs!
Amen to tiny little troopers! I have added you to my bloglines and check in every day to see how he (and you) are doing.

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