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   Tuesday, November 08, 2005  

The one with no punctuation (and measurements)

If for some reason you find yourself missing two pumping sessions because you are in a rush to get to the NICU to see your baby and immediately walk in, change his diaper, give him a feeding, and realize you are now over an hour late to pump, and, oh, yeah, you need to run to the other wing of the hospital and up five flights to have your staples removed, and then you have to wait nearly two hours to have them taken out, and then you have to run back to the NICU because it's time to diaper and feed your baby, and then your husband arrives to have lunch with you and as you are walking out you find out that they are taking out your baby's nasal cannula because he is a breathing superstar, and you and your husband decide to stay for that, and then you realize you're an hour late for this time to pump and are four hours late for the previous pump, and you are hungry and they are about to close the lunch lines in the cafeteria so you run downstairs and then finally you get upstairs and pump, then spend some quality time with your baby and when it's time for you to pump for the 4rh time of the day, it's also time to diaper and feed your baby, and then you need to get home because your husband has a work crisis, so you can't pump until then and when you finally do, you pump for 20 minutes, don't get a ton of milk, and it hurts like hell so you finally stop....FIVE minutes later, milk will begin pouring down your torso.

You will also lose all ability to punctuate and form anything other than one long incoherent sentence. Also? You will feel like a terrible mother for pumping only 3 times since 6 am. How crap is that?

In other news, his feeds were increased to 3 cc every 3 hours. His protocol is to go up 1 cc after every fourth feeding. He did have to have reglan introduced today as he has had mucus residuals (no breast milk -- he's digesting that) and they want to give him a little help with his digesting. But the most exciting part of the day was the removal of the nasal cannula! My little one is doing really well right now. Just hoping we can keep the momentum. I want him healthy and at home with me so badly.

*The lowercase's head circumference is currently 26.5 cm.

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  Comments about my post, "The one with no punctuation (and measurements)":
I've been so busy I completely missed the fact that your son has arrived! Congratulations! I hope he is home with you soon.

He is so AMAZING. Go w, Go w, Go Go Go w!
Start carrying a Pump-n-Style around with you or maybe a hand pump?

And way to go, w!!!!!!
I am so psyched for all the good news today. All I can think of is the Black Eyed Peas song My Hump, My Hump, My Hump but instead replace with the word Pump......

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