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   Tuesday, November 29, 2005  

Welcome to the International House of Boobs

I smell like pancakes.

My OB's office for some reason wanted me back on birth control right away. I made sure they knew I was breastfeeding and went along with it. I was to take the first pill Nov. 20, but having been off the pill for several YEARS...I forgot. I took the first pill Monday, Nov. 21. By Saturday morning I had almost NO milk left.

Turns out the nurse practitioner in the peri's office accidentally prescribed the wrong type of pill (estrogen only when she should have written it for progesterone only) and she had me start at three weeks after delivery when she should have had it start no sooner than six weeks after delivery.

As a result, I am now taking a prescription drug (the same drug used to treat my son's acid reflux, which by the way seems to have gone away and as of yesterday he no longer takes medication for it) to increase my milk supply. In addition to that, I am taking fenugreek. The fenugreek, an herbal supplement that is thought to increase milk production, smells like maple syrup. In fact, it is used in artificial maple flavorings. And it makes my skin smell like syrup.

Production is slowly coming back. I'm thrilled as my little man had to take formula for a little over a day and I desperately wanted it to never come to that.

In other news...I have received many beautiful hats from many wonderful women. I'll have to take pictures at some point. I have just been so damned busy with all the goings-on at the NICU and lots of family visiting (five family members for Thanksgiving, more expected over the next few weeks/months). One day I'll be able to get things in order again. If you did send me something, thank you so much! If you wanted to and I didn't respond to your email, please forgive me. I hardly have time to post here and am now just over a month behind in responding to emails. I'm trying, but I just can't seem to keep up! Don't feel neglected -- I haven't emailed many members of my family nor have I returned phone calls to friends and family. When I'm home, I mostly just sleep and occasionally post a badly written update here.

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  Comments about my post, "Welcome to the International House of Boobs":
Any updates are always welcome and they are not badly written.

Glad your milk is coming back. Pfew. Stupid nurse.

We finally got to the yarn store! Another hat should be on it's way shortly. Will email you for details.
My SIL is on fenugreek and complained the other day that BIL actually licked her arm wanting to know if she tasted like syrup. I laughed, she found it less funny.

Glad things are looking up both for your milk supply and for Timmy.

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