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   Saturday, November 12, 2005  

Yes, I am a lying liar!

Quick post before I sleep.

My little lowercase GAINED MORE WEIGHT!

We are now up to 1105 grams -- that much closer to his birthweight of 1210 grams! Don't ask me to convert things. It took me (literally) an hour to do it. Too much work for me!

I was speaking to my nurse and I told her about the woman mentioned in yesterday's post. I said that because I am a teacher and am therefore required by law to report anything like that, I was feeling really guilty that I had no way to do so. Since I don't know the name of the mother, there is no way that I can. And I said that, obviously, based on what she said to me, there was something going on. My nurse immediately told the NICU social worker, who came to sit down with me and discussed it all. She wrote down all the pertinent details and is adding that to the file. She also assured me over and over again that they do not try to take people's babies away and certainly don't kill any of them as their main goal is to save these little lives and send them to a safe and loving home. I told her that I understood that fully, that I am used to the type of ignorance that I heard from that mother and child because of the types of schools in which I teach. My main concern out of all of it is the poor children of that woman (I've now met 3 of them in waiting rooms -- dinner for the appx. 6 year old boy tonight? Some kind of creepy smelling red fruit punch and barbecue flavored cheetos). They deserve so much more damn it! It really sickens me.

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  Comments about my post, "Yes, I am a lying liar!":
According to Google (which will helpfully answer "X [units] in [different units]" with the appropriate conversion, that makes him 2.436108 pounds, so yay for that, and may he gain many more soon.

And that mother was just appalling--I would never really support mandatory sterilization, but people like that make me think about it
The photos are great... he gets cuter every day! :)

You have to fight the battles you can win. Seems like there is someone already on top of the situation with that family, hopefully.
I deal wiht people like that all the time. The truth is likely that baby was born drug effected or that the mother doesn't spend enough time at the hospital to learn to care for his special needs. Either reason is enough to get CPS envolved.

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