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   Sunday, December 04, 2005  

Quick update on the drama

We have been saying to the nurses for several days that we think the Reglan should maybe come back. Saturday's nurse went on a thing about how the goal is not to medicate the kids, all medicines have side effects, he doesn't need it, blah blah blah.

I was upset and another NICU nurse in the hall asked what was wrong. I told her about the residuals and that they started about 3 days after the discontinuation of Reglan. She said, "Sounds to me like he needs to go back on it. Ride his team about it; if the residents aren't receptive to it, demand to talk to his attending. At least get them to consider it in case they haven't made that connection."

It is then time for rounds. I was holding the lowercase, so I couldn't go out into the hallway for them. I sent Mr. W out and am so glad that I did.

The attending was asking residents if there was anything that correlated with the onset of the residuals. All of them said no, that it was completely out of the blue.

Mr. W spoke up and said, "Can I say something?" Of course they allowed him to throw in his two cents. He said, "His Reglan was stopped on Sunday and his residuals started on Wednesday. Is the Reglan something we should consider reintroducing?"

Our nurse rolled her eyes at that point because didn't she just tell us he doesn't need medicine?

The attending then asked the residents what they thought a plan of action should be in terms of the residuals. They each had a different answer. He then said, "Ok, I've heard one correct answer. What do you all think that is?"

They all went through the thing of saying "me, me me!"

The attending said, "The parent has the correct answer."

Reglan was restarted yesterday. So far we have had six residual-free feedings!

I'm not willing to say yet that we're out of the woods, but it is starting to look like it. In addition, the temp on his bed has been dropped because he no longer has to send all the blood to his belly to get the digestion working causing him to be cold and then his body sends the blood to heart/brain at which point he begins to warm up a bit and then realizes he needs extra blood supply to his digestive tract....TEMP INSTABILITY! But, now? No need for that cycle and he's starting to move back to where he was before things got so fucked up. Maybe we will be in an open crib soon. And as the attending said yesterday, "It's not unrealistic to think you could still have him home in a couple of weeks."

Here's hoping he's right.

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  Comments about my post, "Quick update on the drama":
Yay for nerve, backbone and advocating your own case!
Miss W, Your are really doing a great job managing your son's case. My daughter was in NICU for 10 days (peanuts right?); but I understand all too well, how it is to be the parent in this situation. Everyone around you has all of the technical information but you are the only one who is REALLY watching his every move and understanding his needs. Keep at it. Take a deep breath. He will be out and it will be soon and you will be able to exhale.
I am SO glad you did!! Great job parents!! We are proud of you!
That's one handsome boy y'all have there--and those eyes!!

Glad to hear that the attending saw the "light" courtesy of Mr. W. Hoping right along with you that the lowercase will be home in the coming weeks--that'd be one incredible Xm@s gift and one heck of a fine way to ring in the new year.
Score one more for the parents! When DD was in teh haspital I had to be there and yes parents just look harder at their kids. They are not cases. One Dr told me that Parents know their kids they love their kids and anyone that thinks a nurse can tell when something is a bit off like a parent can is nuts!

Go Mom and Dad!
Why oh why do some medical types NOT want to listen to the parents? Even though you are new parents, you are watching him and observing him more closely than ANYONE else. Bravo for standing up for your son!

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