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   Sunday, February 05, 2006  


This evening the lowercase wanted to eat sooner than his three hours. He was crying and writhing in my arms -- kind of like a squirmy puppy that you just can't keep a grip on.

I managed to feed him between 2 1/2 and 3 ounces, then he wanted more. He took another ounce. But he was still squirming like crazy and crying.

Mr. W held him and finished off the bottle with him while I pumped and then they both fell asleep. Mr. W got up, put him in his cradle and then we all went to bed.

Mr. W and I were still awake, lying in bed talking when the fun began.

The lowercase began wriggling, then crying in his sleep, then farted the loudest fart ever. Lather, rinse, repeat. About 50 times.

So, I had Mr. W call the pediatrician's on call number. They said he's now big enough for the full dose of Mylicon, so Mr. W ran next door to the store to buy some (Oh, how I love living behind the access road for a 24-hour Wegman's! I thought I would hate it when we moved in, but damn is it great!).

They also said that one sure way to help ease a baby's tummy ache is to give him a bath. Apparently the movement of the water over their body and their ability to be free and wiggly will help whatever is trapped in their system work its way through.

So, at 1:11 am it was bath time. By 1:30, dosing with Mylicon. By 1:40 -- massive baby pooping everywhere!!!

And now Mr. W is holding the baby skin-to-skin in order to get his body temperature back up to normal. We'll also give him his 2 am feeding before going to bed. And by sheer virtue of our being awake right now, it will feel like we've slept through the night when he next wakes up to eat. Or something.

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  Comments about my post, "GAH!!!!":
Sounds like lowercase is your typical boy! All the farting and pooping, and wanting to eat and eat! Typicalmale! LOL!!!
It's all about intake and output, isn't it?

I wonder if he's hitting a growth spurt.

Hope the nursing is going better. Have you thought about domperidone? It's the gold standard in galactogogues, apparently.

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