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   Tuesday, March 14, 2006  

Since the birth of the lowercase, I haven't let myself take time to think about how much weight I had gained. I haven't stepped on a scale since before I became pregnant. My last known weight was around 110-115. I was wearing a size 4 or 6 depending on the style and clothing brand.

Since delivery, I'm still wearing my knock-off Juicy tracksuit. I have one pair of track pants that I bought at Target, size Medium, that also fit. Obviously I haven't even considered pulling out my size 4 jeans. That would just be crazy.

I truthfully don't know how much I weigh and am frightened to find out. I'm guessing it's somewhere between 130 and 140 but that's a truly arbitrary guess.

And I want to take the weight off. BUT...with the issues that I've had with milk production, I'm afraid to mess with my caloric intake too much (FYI, I increased the Reglan to 2/day and it's back up; will soon alternate 1 and 2 pill days until things stabilize, then back to 1/day for a while).

I was excited over the weekend when the temperature rose to the upper 50s/low 60s. We bundled up the lowercase and put him in his stroller for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I was winded after 30 minutes, but I felt so good! Of course, today there are snow flurries. Not anything that's even come close to sticking just an occasional flake floating by the window. Thank you Western NY and your damned lakes!

So...what's a girl to do? I can't handle living in sweats forever and I'd like to fit into some of my summer clothes once it gets warm. My college roommate is coming to visit in April and I really can't stand the thought of her seeing me the way I look now. Not that she would care because she's one of the least superficial people I know, but I would feel better. I was putting some photos in albums the other day and saw some of me when I was in college and damn was I skinny. Granted I lost 15 my freshman year (90 lbs) and had an accidental relapse of my high school eating habits (I didn't eat) during my junior year and dropped to 87 lbs (incidentally that low was reached after the weekend I met Mr. W in NYC -- too much walking around Manhattan and kissing to remember to eat!).

Still, I need to get this weight off or it could be years before I do. I know me. I get lazy. I get comfortable. I don't do it. What is a good plan for a mom with milk supply issues who really can't screw around with her diet too much and a baby who still eats every 3 hours (corrected age almost 9 weeks and STILL not increasing his amount per feeding enough to go more than 3 hours between)? I have a mom and baby yoga dvd that I just bought but haven't had time to do yet. I honestly don't have much time for anything.

My daily schedule looks like this:

9:00-9:05 -- Diaper.
9:05-9:15/30(ish) -- Nurse.
9:15/30(ish)-10(ish) -- Bottle feed.
10(ish)-10:15/30(ish) -- Pump.
Play with the baby, go to the bathroom, eat, etc.
12:00 repeat the cycle...and again at 3...and 6...and 9...

So...where do I find the time for me in there? The time to "exercise" and pay attention to my diet? And take a bath and brush my teeth?

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Right now I say don't worry about the weight. Your body changes after you are pregnant anyway. You might get down to the exact same weight and those size 4 jeans may still not fit. Just make sure to eat a balanced, healthy diet and it will all work out in the end. I never worry about losing the weight until after I finish nursing. Usually that means I still have 5-10 to lose, but I don't worry about it.
I have 4 month old twins so I have similar time issues, although they are feeding much better than little lowercase seems to be. I found that breastfeeding took off most of my weight, but it's distributed differently now. I've lost weight over my whole body except for my tummy, where it's all settled. I have started gym (with child care) and feel much better. It's hard to get out regularly, but it helps to at least have a good intention!
Don't go crazy over your eating habits and weight right now. As a former anorexic, I know you can stress yourself right into a relapse of old eating problems.
Relax, enjoy Lowercase, and try to make small changes. A salad at lunch, boiled eggs at breakfast, etc.
In all likelihood you will lose all the weight by 6-9 months postpartum, but everything won't go back into place until the baby is 12-18 months old.

Your best bet for losing weight without compromising supply is to exercise with the baby. When it gets warmer, put him in the sling and go walk around (that will take the weight off quickly) or do more brisk walks like you did. You could also sneak in some exercise by bringing the sling and when you go grocery shopping or to Target you can carry him in the sling instead of teh cart and that will sneak in soem exercise.

You can also do strength training at home. I've loved the Tamilee Webb DVD "The Science of Fitness: I Want That Body" because it has 15-minute workouts that you don't have to change your clothes to do. 15 minutes of ab work, or arm work, or butt work. Before El P was mobile I'd do it while he was doing tummy time in a pile of toys, but now he tries to wrestle me during the ab segment and it really doesn't work.

Oh, the other one is to put on some music and dance around with the lowercase for 15 minutes. He'll love it, and if you do it twice a day it'll burn some calories.
A lactation consultant recently told me that if you keep b-feeding past 6 mos., weight will come off more quickly. Don't know if this is just something she says to get people to keep b-feeding, but I like to believe it's true. Know what you mean about the lack of time...not to mention lack of energy to put into working out, even if I did have the time!
I have an 11 week old who sometimes still eats every 2 hours, and I have a lot of the same scheduling issues, although I gave up on nursing and now just pump and give bottles, and occasional formula. So good for you for keeping up with that. I know how hard it is.
I agree that it's a little soon to be worrying about losing weight. I do have some advice though about the meals thing; I hope it helps a little.
Try to wake up before l/c and have a Big Nutritious Breakfast. Then have snacky food that you can eat with one hand throughout the day, either when you get a spare minute or while you're also doing something else. Fruit or cut-up veggies; crackers maybe with cut up cheese you prepare ahead, things like that. Hard-boiled eggs, if you can stomach those. Then when Mr. W. is home, let him take a bottle-feeding shift, if he doesn't already. It does take some planning ahead, but it works pretty well.
There's another issue of needing down time to keep from getting frazzled, but I don't know any cure for that, except to forge ahead until about 13 weeks, adjusted. You're almost there.
Keep up the good work!

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