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   Thursday, March 09, 2006  

Things have been crazy and it finally hit me that I haven't posted in over a week. My little man's fever lasted just over 24 hours and was not affected by the Synagis shot he had the day after his 4-month visit. That same day he had another follow-up exam to check for retinopathy of prematurity at the eye doctor. We had good news on that front -- the vessels have all grown in and matured and are NORMAL. This doesn't mean he won't have any of the other complications of prematurity (primarily strabismus), but it does mean that he doesn't need to be seen in the eye clinic until September!

On Thursday afternoon, we took our first road trip. We drove ten hours to visit my family. Of course, lake effect snow between Buffalo and Cleveland cropped up and made the trip take twelve hours. But, the little man handled it like a trooper. He didn't cry (until it got dark and we discovered how intensely he is afraid of the dark -- at that point, I held a small flashlight in his car seat, pointed away from his eyes with a blanket blocking it from shining outside of the car). He was very agreeable to being fed a quick bottle in the car and being changed on the folded flat front seat.

We had a great time with my family and it really cheered my grandfather up. He had a heart attack and two extensive surgeries to place stents in under two weeks and our visit was timed for a week after that. We only allowed my parents and grandparents to come into the house as everyone else has kids and we didn't want to let some in and not others based on their exposure -- the kids are all young enough that they just wouldn't understand that. My niece, however, did have her cousin drive by and let her come to the door to see the baby. She's usually such a tomboy that I wouldn't think she would care about seeing a baby (I know she didn't care when her brother was born), but she was determined that she *had* to see him.

In other news, my pumped volume of milk has drastically dropped upon returning home despite the fact that my drug dosage hasn't changed. I decided to up the prescription amount since it doesn't do me any good to take it for six months at the current dosage if I'm not getting any milk. Every extra pill I take cuts my length of time on the drugs down by one day however since my doctor refuses to up my dosage or let me stay on them for any longer than six months.

And in the last two days, my little man has taken to waking every two hours at night and then will take only about an ounce to an ounce and a half of milk (night time is bottle time in our house). It's got me at my very end since he's so awake and alert now during the day. I can't do that "sleep when he sleeps" thing because the few times he sleeps I like to actually eat something. And of course, lately the sleeping for him will only occur in my arms. It's all just very frustrating. (For example, this morning, he was fussy after eating and crying in his sleep. I let him lay on my chest in bed and he quieted and slept. I needed to use the bathroom, so I laid him down in his bed. He was instantly awake and wailing. I feel terrible about it, but there are times now when I just have to ignore his crying or I'd never get to go to the bathroom!)

(Not sure if I posted this when he had the fever...his appointment that day weighed him at 9 lb 5 oz and either 21 or 22 inches long)

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What are you taking to help breastfeeding? I am in the process of ending pumping for my twins who are 13 months plus through the miracle of Domperidone. No side effects, no prescription, tripled my production. Love it. Hate that it is not sold here.
Email me if you want the website.

To reassure you, I just gave my extra supply to my OB's office for them to give to their patients.
Oh, hon...I'm so sorry it's so tough at the moment. I'll be thinking of you and praying it gets just a little bit easier.

Much love to you, hubby and the lowercase.

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