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   Wednesday, March 22, 2006  

What we did

I talked to my lactation consultant and she thought it sounded like he was ready for solid food, too. So we tried it.

We mixed up the oatmeal. I nursed him. Then we set him down and prepared to feed him the cereal. He was interested in the first bit that hit his mouth but by the second spoon decided he wasn't so much "interested" as "repulsed." He spit every bit of it out and cried hysterically.

It was bad. He was totally not ready, or maybe he was just too hungry as he did follow up with a 4 ounce bottle (giving him a total of at least 5 ounces taken in as he still refuses to finish a feeding by nursing -- he still does about half and half, but his nursing that time wasn't very effective and he refused to latch for long at all). So, maybe we'll try again in another week or two or three. We'll see.

I'm contemplating starting him on prunes rather than cereal. We bought some and the ingredients are prunes and water. He drinks prune juice twice daily to keep his bowels in check and the ingredients of his juice? Prunes and water. I'm thinking if we use that it isn't an entirely new taste sensation and we know the food won't cause a bad reaction since the juice doesn't. This way the only thing he's adjusting to is the spoon and the texture and not something entirely new. Of course, I'll talk to his pediatrician before I do anything that way.

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  Comments about my post, "What we did":
Try rice cereal first and mix it with breast milk. Make it kind of runny. Rice is a more bland flavor than oatmeal, and will take on the flavor of the breast milk so it won't be so strange for him. :)
Rice is reeeaaaalllly constipating, though, so if he's already having pooping problems that would be bad news.

I still don't really get why people want you to start feeding him if he's not showing an interest in food.
You say he's only five months old.. and if he was premature. Why on earth introduce solids at this point?!? Wait until he's interested. There's no health benefit, and you can introduce food allergies if you do this too early.

Really sounds like a bad piece of advice.
I have also seen reports of risks of diabetes and bowel conditions later in life that 'they' believe may be linked to starting solids too early...there is absolutely no harm in waiting (especially if you are not comfortable either) but perhaps a great benefit down the track.

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