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   Friday, June 16, 2006  


I should have known we wouldn't get through all the premie issues unscathed. So far we've been moving right along developmentally. He's been on the right side of the numbers on his ages/stages surveys. So far there has been no need for any early intervention.

He passed his eye exams, indicating that as the blood vessels grew out, they did so correctly and we didn't have any problems from ROP.

I thought we were good. Except I had kind of noticed that lately his eyes don't always track together. But, you know, sometimes they do. And sometimes he gets the tiniest bit cross-eyed, but he's always laughing when he does that and oh! isn't he silly!

Except no. I talked to my mom today and she told me she thought there was a little something wrong with one of his eyes -- that one didn't seem to track with the other just right. She'd noticed it in pictures we've sent. I said I'd seen it to. She asked when his next eye exam is and I told her that it was in September. She said I should call the eye doctor and see if he wants to see my lowercase sooner.

And so I called. And they do. They said that they would like to see him at their next available opening, Wednesday. They also said that if I notice anything at all more that I should call and they will bring him in sooner than that because THIS IS AN EYE EMERGENCY.


An emergency. And here I thought it was just a little something that was really nothing. EMERGENCY. Lovely.

The thing is, my eyes don't always track together. They never have. I thought it was no big deal. For me it isn't an issue. And maybe his isn't. Of course, my nephew also had strabismus, and his IS a big deal. He's four and wears glasses as thick as coke bottles (do young people still call them that? I mean, they've never seen glass coke bottles...does it even make sense to them? and does my remembering make me old? DAMN!). He's had patches. And if I'm not completely wrong, he's also had some eye surgery, but right now I'm a little hysterical and just because I remember him having eye surgery doesn't mean he actually did.

Damn it. Is it fucking Wednesday yet? And is it wrong to down a bottle of wine now?

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  Comments about my post, "CRAP!":
It's never wrong to down a bottle of wine to help with all the angst.

I hope Wednesday gets here soon and that people stop using the word emergency.

~Brooklyn Girl
Oh. Lots of love being sent out to your family. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this stress. The stress of the NICU is too much to begin with. Then you go home and worry and wait for the other shoe to fall. And then it does. I am hoping that your appointment Wed. will result in something much less than an emergency.
I am so sorry to hear this. But since you still don't know for sure, maybe it isn't anything! (I'm crossing fingers here!)
I know the feelings you are having. My youngest had many health issues as a baby and she was full term. But it was never easy.
I'm sending good vibes your way!
C'mon Wednesday, hurry up and get here!

Hope that the doc's visit goes well and things are okay.

And no, I think wine is perfectly acceptable self-medication :-)
I'm sorry. I don't blame you for being scared. My baby has had health issues since they sprung him loose from the hospital at 5 weeks - severe anemia, feeding issues, a brain cyst,... . We've basically lived in fear since he was born. Just last month he was finally cleared and declared "normal". Now I am noticing a weird spot near his mouth. It could be nothing, but I'm like, "Crap! Here we go again!" Anyway, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best of everything.
Ugh... doesn't it seem like it's one thing after another?

For what it's worth, our son (born at 33w) has Duane's Syndrome/Strabismus. He was diagnosed at 6 months. He did need surgery at 9 months, but you know what? It was FAR more traumatic for my husband and I than it was for him. He wasn't even out of surgery an hour before he was crawling all over the bed and pulling himself up on the rails.

He still has to wear glasses (he's 18 months.) Should Lower Case need them, for God's sake, spend the extra money on the flexi-frames. No one told us to, and within 3 weeks of getting them, he'd snapped his $300 frames TWICE.

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