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   Friday, July 28, 2006  

I was rather surprised this morning to wake up to find I was in the very early moments of CD1. I quit taking the medication that kept my milk production up to a still-not-adequate supply quite some time ago. I quit pumping in June. Until a week ago, I was manually expressing milk to freeze once a day (getting a maximum of one ounce, generally less).

I expected cd1 for two weeks. And yet it just never came. And I quit expecting it, because clearly it wasn't going to come any time soon. I continue to produce a not-at-all-adequate-but-still-very-there supply of milk. My son continues to want to nurse at the beginning of every feeding, though for increasingly shorter periods of time. The longest he nursed today was 10 minutes with 5 minutes being the most common length of time. He refuses my left breast altogether and has for such a long time that I haven't even bothered to offer it to him.

I know that with the lowercase reaching 9 months of age on my 29th birthday this Monday, my body is unlikely to respond to any measures to re-lactate. And to be honest, I might be ok with that. I still want to nurse my son and will still offer him the breast first until he refuses steadily or until I completely stop producing (my guess is that the two events will coincide).

In other news, the lowercase and I will be visiting my family for the next two weeks. Mr. W will join us in a week and a half. I will have both my laptop and high-speed internet connections, but I have no idea how likely I will be to update. Let's face it...even at home under optimal conditions my posting is spotty at best.

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I know this isn't going to completely fix your supply problem, but many women have a significant dip in supply right before and during their periods. One thing that helps is taking extra calcium supplements during that time. I hope it helps a little bit.

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