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   Friday, July 07, 2006  

The TEETH! Oh my damn! The TEETH!

My little man currently possesses two teeth. Two bony calcified daggers protruding from his precious lower jaw. And he's attempting to get more. He seems to want at least one stalactite from the upper jaw to go with the evil stalagmites on the lower.

All I know is that I HATE THEM! I'm no longer taking any medication to help produce milk. I am also no longer pumping (I actually returned the evil Lactina effectively breaking up with a machine who has been closer to my body in many ways than my husband these last eight months). But I don't want the nursing to end. I love my time with my son and just can't seem to let go of it. So we nurse at every feeding before I allow him the bottle that gives him most of his nutrients.

For the past few days? He's been biting me REPEATEDLY at every feeding to the point that I often can't continue to nurse him for several feedings in a row. I'm raw almost to the point of bleeding. I've had to break out the manual pump (the piston from the Lactina) and that's not going so well either -- it's hell on the arms trying to get it going.

But I'm not giving up. In fact, I've placed a call to my lactation consultant just to ask how I can prevent his biting and continue on.

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  Comments about my post, "The TEETH! Oh my damn! The TEETH!":
All the lactation people will try to make you feel guilty. I'm here to tell you, Teeth no, bloody boobs, no! I nursed until I waas bitten and it drew blood! Then we went to bottles. Viva La Evenflo!
I had this problem too, but after my son got used to having teeth, he stopped biting (it took a few days). He started biting again when he got his top teeth, but stopped again.

Now he only seems to bite if I'm not paying enough attention to him (i.e. I try to read or watch TV)while nursing.

Hang in there!

~Brooklyn Girl
Amen. One of my guys has bottom teeth and mostly bites during an early morning feeding when we're both out of it. I've tried the lactation consultant's tips (tell him NO!, ignore him, delatch when the rhythm slows down,...), and the only thing that's kinda worked is delatching him when I think he's getting toward the end. BUT, that doesn't always work, especially when I'm half asleep. Ouch! If I wanted holes in my nipples, I'd go out and get them pierced, thank you very much!
Good luck, and please share any brilliant ideas here, for the rest of us!

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