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   Tuesday, October 03, 2006  

Posts are swirling in my head. I still have the site re-do to get to.

And I have NO computer.

In a home with 6 computers and 2 laptops (with even more than that in the closet)...I have no computer.

My son decided to pull on the power cord to my laptop while I was using it. I grabbed it from him as fast as possible and in doing so...broke the laptop. Apparently if you pull the cord out of the back of the laptop at an angle...it kind of snaps the piece that the cord plugs into OFF OF THE MOTHERBOARD. Mr. W, when he has time, is going to attempt to repair that. It's a one shot thing. If that doesn't work? The only fix is a new motherboard which costs enough that I might as well buy another damn laptop.

Then? Mr. W had some issues with one of the computers and so he stole the new memory he had just installed in my desktop machine to see if it would fix the issue with the other computer. It didn't. But my memory is STILL in that machine and my computer is just sitting in pieces under my desk. With no memory cards in it at all. And somehow things keep happening and we don't get it fixed.

So now, when Mr. W is home and not using the computers on his desk, I have a few minutes to check email, read blogs, try to post here...and generally it isn't enough time.

But eventually...hopefully within the week...I'll be back in business. I have a lot of things that I need at least one computer for (invitations to a first birthday party to whip up [NOOOOOOO!!!!], pictures to upload).

(And I *still* can't post about the life-changing possibilities mentioned in my last post, though I've caved and told a few people)

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